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At this point, there’s no denying the fact that the bourbon market has gone more batshit crazy than even the most absurd wallstreetbets. Entry level Buffalo Trace is allocated, you can’t touch anything with Weller on the label, and age-stated spirits are all but out of reach… until now. WhistlePig, the brand responsible for all those cool releases like the yearly Boss Hog The Samurai Scientist and the 10 Year Piggybank Rye, is back with an otherwise unassuming bottle of hooch that contains a liquid goldmine of deliciousness. While they’re holding the details close to the chest (what alcohol brand doesn’t?), that doesn’t mean the overall details of The Béhôlden aren’t available. It’s been described as a “decadent, dessert-like dram” paired with a combination of “rich maple, dried fruit, savory spice and smoke” to create an earth-shattering flavor palate.  As you might imagine, distilled perfection on this level is limited. Only 18 barrels made up this small batch, and as such, The Béhôlden is released in limited quantities. Grab yourself a bottle of The Béhôlden below while you can.

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