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Recreational space flight is something we’d love to take advantage of during our lifetimes, but can you really enjoy a vacation that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars without the ability to crack a cold one at the end of a rough day staring out into the great beyond? (Yes, but that’s not the point.) 4 Pines Brewing Company and Saber Astronautics out of Manly, Australia (it’s a real place!) took their shared love of beer and space and decided to make the world’s first space beer. Enter Vostok Space Beer, the known universe’s first beer made specifically for space. Turns out, it’s a pretty involved process. The beer itself had to be specially formulated to counteract wet burps and the effects of alcohol on people in space. There’s also the matter of the pesky gravity that liquid needs to pour properly, so they had to invent a new bottle that functions like a fuel tank for your beer. Plus, you know, no one wants to drink beer out of squeezy bag or a straw, so the bottle helps with that, too. 


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