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  • This-Toddy-Cold-Brew-System-Will-Pay-for-Itself-in-a-Week-2

Yes, yes, we know—the window for drinking traditional cold brew coffee is fading fast. But we’re still buying up cold brew coffee makers when they go on sale because a) you can use them to make hot coffee too, b) 67% less acid than normal hot brewing doesn’t wreck the stomach in the morning and c) we’ll drink ice cold coffee in the middle of winter if we damn well please. If you agree with any of those things, the Toddy Cold Brew System is one hell of a deal at only $23 on Amazon right now. That’s 38% off the MSRP of $37. Depending on how much coffee you drink, it also means that it will pay for itself in about a week. It’s one of the best cold brew coffee makers (the Filtron functions similarly and only edged out the Toddy because it was cheaper at the time) and would make a welcome addition to your kitchen.


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