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It seems like everyone we know has such a busy schedule that they forget to relax. Let Green Roads help with their carefully curated CBD Grab and Go Bundle. With one bottle of 50mg Relax Bears, one Strawberry Terpene Daily Dose, one pack of 50mg Fruit Bites, one 50mg Froggie, and two 1500mg daily doses, these high-quality and pharmacist-formulated CBD products are a great addition to your wellness routine and busy lifestyle. Toss them in your gym bag, keep them by your bedside, or in-reach at your work station for those extra stressful days.


Unless you’re slapping solar panels on your roof or erecting a wind turbine, you probably just pay your energy bill and hope your local utility is doing the right thing. That isn’t happening nearly enough. Enter Arcadia Power, a free platform that allows you to contribute to the fight for clean power while dropping monthly energy costs. Link your local utility account, and they seek out solar and wind projects near you, buying renewable energy certificates in your name. Arcadia Power is committed to making clean energy work for the planet and your bank account.