There is no food as beloved as pizza. You can talk all you want about the grapefruit ceviche they serve at a little place near you, but we’re still going to reach for a good slice of pie if there’s some nearby. Whether it’s as simple as a classic margherita or as complex as a “Meat Lovers” made with various sausages cooked sous vide, just give us pizza. When we’re not grabbing some on the go and we don’t want delivery or DiGiorno (which is not delivery we’ve been told), we’ll break out some dough and create our own. These are the best recipes we’ve found on the web:

Breakfast Pizza

Pizza for breakfast usually involves grabbing a cold slice from the remnants of the night before. While still delicious, it is not exactly the greatest breakfast ever. We mean, there’s probably zero bacon on that thing! This Breakfast Pizza will start your day off on the right carb-filled note. It’s like an omelet before its birth resting atop some golden, crackling crust. Sorry, you lose Eggos.

Duck Pizza with Hoisin and Scallions

Duck can be pricey but it’s like milk chocolate to meat lovers. It’s rich, fatty and damn tasty. It also happens to go great with Chinese flavors, so cook up this pie and toss out some fortune cookies for your guests. (Just make sure the fortunes read, “Can you toss me five bucks? I just bought a shitload of duck.”)

Andouille French Bread Pizza with Pickled Jalapenos

“Andouille sausage” is one of those buzz-phrases that sets off our “Must Order” radar when we’re listening to the specials at a restaurant. It’s like “bacon” or “deep fried,” it doesn’t matter what you say after it, we’re buying it. “Tonight we have a lovely old tennis shoe covered in horseradish. It’s drizzled with expired milk and comes with a side of andouille sausa . . . ” “Yup, I’ll take that.” Combined with some pickled jalapenos, this pizza has got major flavor.

Quick Beer Crust Pizza

You had us at “beer crust.” Even if you don’t go all out with this recipe as the site suggests, just tossing some pizza sauce and fresh mozzarella on top of this crust will be delicious. It’s so good, you have to be careful not to eat so much that you actually get drunk.

Bubble Pizza

Pizza is like Mexican-style fast food, you have a few basic ingredients that you can present in a variety of ways, and each of them will make us drool (or get diarrhea). Bubble Pizza doesn’t look like a slice you’d get on the streets of NYC or in a restaurant in Chicago, but it does look freakin’ delicious.

Morel and Parmesan Water Poached Chicken Pizza

If you watch Top Chef and critique the cheftestants (man that’s a corny name) on their overuse of harissa and reliance on foams, this is the pizza you’ll want to make. If Ellio’s is on one end of the pizza spectrum, this Morel and Parmesan Water Poached Chicken pizza is on the other. Just make sure you decide a few days in advance if you’re going to feel like pizza one night.

Spanakopita Pizza

If “The Greek Diet” was eating spanakopita 24/7, we’d hop right on board. Pizzafying anything that already comes with a phyllo crust makes sense, and, Maria Menounos aside, this Spanakopita Pizza is our favorite Greek thing to drool over.

Caramelized-Onion and Gorgonzola Grilled Pizza

If you want good pizza, you need a good amount of heat. This Caramelized-Onion and Gorgonzola pie gets some charred lovin’ from your Weber. The smokiness will go nicely with the sweetness of those caramelized onions and the refreshing deliciousness of your beer.

Squash Blossom Pizza

Squash blossoms and burrata may not be nestled against the Polly-O String Cheese and boxes of Gushers in your average shopping cart, but getting a bit creative with your dinner every once in a while is always encouraged. This is the pizza you’d want to make to impress a date. Seriously, if you don’t get some after making this, time to put the kibosh on that relationship.

Peter Reinhart’s Napoletana Pizza Dough (aka The Best Pizza Dough Ever)

Top this with some sauce, mozzarella and fresh basil, and you won’t have to worry that people won’t find it fancy enough. The food comas they fall into after eating it will be reward enough for your efforts. The building block of any great pizza is great dough, and this is the best dough recipe we’ve ever found. Simple and perfect.


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