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It’s almost impossible these days to stroll down the spirits aisle of your local alcohol emporium and not find celebrity spirits brands. While there are certainly a few exceptions, generally the celebrities are more interested in lending their name to a product and collecting the profits as opposed to actually getting involved. That’s not the case with NBA legend Scottie Pippen and his upcoming DIGITS bourbon from Savage & Cooke. Pippen–along with his business partner R.C. Mills, Savage & Cooke founder Dave Phinney and master distiller Jordan Via–actually helped with the blending of the 5-year 92-proof bourbon. After they settled on the blend, he also rolled up his sleeves to tackle labeling, packaging, and all the other tasks that go into getting the whiskey from the distillery to your glass. DIGITS drops exclusively in Chicago on June 24th with an MSRP of $70 for a 750ml bottle. If you’re in the Windy City and looking for a bottle, we heard it’s going to be at Binny’s.


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