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When you order a pizza to be delivered to your place, someone cooks that pizza at the pizzeria and then transports it in a heat-saving sleeve. In terms of receiving a hot pie, there are issues here. Zume Pizza wants to change the game, and they plan on doing it with a robot. Yes. A robot. Zume Pizza, a new pizza chain in California, founded by Alex Garden, formerly of Microsoft and Zynga, and Julia Collins, has a food truck that’s filled with ovens and a robotic arm. Using GPS and data, the robot pops your pizza in the oven shortly before the truck reaches your door so you’re guaranteed to get a hot pie. There are some trade-offs, including the fact that you have to select from specific pies, instead of designing your own, but that’s worth it to be assured your pizza didn’t get cold when the driver hit unexpected traffic.


We pride ourselves on being able to tackle problems and jigsaw puzzles like everyone else–from the edge pieces in. That’s a little more difficult when it comes to thousand piece adventures like the Moon puzzle you see here. In is out, out is in, and there’s an entire quadrant of almost fully gray pieces that depict the lunar surface, but all of that just adds to the productive difficulty you’ll experience when you’re assembling this jigsaw version of modern history. As they tell it, “July 16, 2019 marked the 50 year anniversary of the Apollo 11 launch – the historic mission to the Moon where Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first of humankind to set foot on the Moon. Our Moon puzzle celebrates this momentous achievement and will challenge and delight puzzle solvers everywhere.”