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It’s Sunday morning. You have a fresh pot of coffee on. There’s nothing to do and you’re ready for a lazy day. What are you eating? Pancakes? Waffles? Luckily, you no longer have to toil over such a tough decision. The PanWaffle will deliver a new breakfast that is part fluffy pancake and part crispy waffle. The PanWaffle cooks up a breakfast with a pancake outer ring and a waffle center, all in a dishwasher safe build. Stay cool handles keep your paws from looking like Harry’s in Home Alone, and the nonstick coating means you can pop your flapjacks out with little mess and they even resist scratches and stains. Your age old breakfast dilemma has just been deliciously solved. 


Whether you’re driving up the coast, grilling out and spending time at the beach, sunglasses are an absolute necessity in the summer. We’ve tried all the options from expensive, established brands to the no-name knockoffs from the gas station. We keep coming back to Woodies wooden sunglasses because they’re stylish, effective, built-to-last and, most importantly, affordable enough that you won’t worry if they get lost during your adventures. With almost 100 styles–including full wood options that float in the water–there’s no better sunglasses option out there this year. Get your Woodies today.