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Omsom has quickly become one of our favorite food brands with pantry staples that add a ton of flavor to easy-to-cook meals. Omsom’s flavor packs highlight Asian cuisine (some examples include Vietnamese, Korean, and Filipino) and help upgrade just about any dish. More recently, Omsom has shifted focus to not only provide excellent products but also help end stigmas around Asian cuisine. With that in mind, they’ve launched the ‘IYKYK’ set.

The ‘If You Know, You Know’ Set is a riff on the traditional shaker set offering salt, pepper, and MSG in vibrant, bold shakers designed by Areaware. The addition of a third shaker filled with Ajinomoto MSG is an effort to quell the idea that it’s inherently unhealthy or “dirty” and allow home cooks the chance to embrace the umami potential of MSG. In fact, Omsom’s effort has been explicitly cited by Whole30 on the decision to reverse their stance on MSG, making it an acceptable part of the diet.

The ‘IYKYK’ Set is available to purchase now for $85 directly from Omsom.

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