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We’ve had a lot of great beverages come out of a bourbon barrel, and we’re not just talking about the spirit itself. Barrel-aged cocktails, beers, teas and yes, even coffee. With everyone from Levias to Starbucks offering their own bourbon barrel-aged coffees, it was only a matter of time until a small upstart like Oak & Bond picked up the torched to create something truly unique. Oak & Bond Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee is an espresso blend using beans from Colombia and Brazil that have been dark roasted and then aged in a once used American Oak barrel that previously gave life to our favorite dark liquor. The end result is a whole bean coffee with notes of dark chocolate, toffee, black cherry and, yes, bourbon. It might not actually have any alcohol content any more, but that rich bourbon flavor is most definitely still there.


Xeric watches have always been bold, unique and stylish, but their newest watch is absolutely otherworldly. Xeric teamed up with NASA to create watches for the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11. The dial features a star map of the constellations surrounding Trappist-1. The grill references the ISS cupola window to give you the sense of looking out into space. The dome crystal is Hesalite, a material originally developed by NASA in the ’60s. Time is displayed with planetary hour and minute hands and stars on the sweeping seconds hand. It’s like wearing space on your wrist.