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If you had a holiday anything like ours, there was more food and drink than we’re comfortable consuming on a regular basis. Couple that with the New Year on the horizon, and we’re thinking about shedding a few pounds. Extra time at the gym doesn’t work for everyone, though. That’s where Noom comea in. Based in behavior change, Noom is gives people the tools to lose weight for good, to change their lives for good. Noom will pair you up with an expert coach and keep you on track for your weight loss goals.


People have been using diamond jewelry to say “I love you,” for years. But if you’ve ever taken a gander at the selection of diamonds out there, you know not all of them are created equal. With cut, clarity, color, and carat on the table, diamonds can range in price and value. With so many choices out there, it can be hard to know if you’re getting the best deal–that’s where Yadav Diamonds & Jewelry comes in. Yadav is all about ethical diamonds at the best price possible regardless of your setting of choice.