Whether you’re talking about being a travel blogger, professional photographer, filmmaker, brewmaster or professional gamer, there are a lot of jobs most guys would kill for. So many so that we wrote two different features on it–9 Jobs Most Men Would Die For and 9 More Jobs Most Men Would Die For. Now, Michelob has a new job that would easily get added to either of those lists with their recent posting for a new Chief Exploration Officer. As they put it, “As Chief Exploration Officer, you’ll get an office with the best view, and get to travel for work…a lot. You’ll be tasked with capturing content while touring the country, visiting national parks and repping Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold along the way. Plus, if you so choose, you’ll be able to bring along your right-hand person to assist you along the way.” Long story short, Michelob wants to give you fifty grand and a van to live in for six months while you visit America’s National Parks as a rep for Michelob Ultra Pure Gold beer. If you’re interested, applications are due by September 30th, so get yours in ASAP at the link below.

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