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If you don’t remember the brand Full Windsor, they were responsible for The Muncher multi-tool that combined a bunch of common eating utensils into one easy-to-carry device. They’re back with Magware, a new collection of modular, lightweight cutlery that sticks together through the power of magnets and can travel with you everywhere. What, precisely, are we talking about? 7075-T6 aluminum construction forks, knives and spoons that are strengthened by heat treatment and artificial aging and equipped with a 100% recycled polypropelene injection molded insert designed to allow all the pieces to stick together with magnets. In other words, it’s a full canteen, Bring Your Own Cutlery, set that will allow you to tackle everything from salads and steaks to potatoes and porridge with ease. Forget disposable cutlery because the Magware options are more effective, long lasting and easier to use than the plastic cutlery you’ve become accustomed to using for lunch. At this point, Magware makes the best lunch cutlery set out there.


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