If we’re being completely honest, we’ve never really been all that impressed with pre-bottled or canned cocktails because we always felt like we could make a better drink ourselves. While this still rings true, there’s something to be said for the convenience of cracking open a fresh, cold, delicious can of your favorite cocktail–without having to do any of the legwork. That’s where Jim Beam comes in with their upcoming Classic Highball and Ginger Highball canned cocktails dropping any day now. Both of the stalwart cocktail options include Jim Beam Bourbon–obviously–with the Classic Highball focusing on the combination of Beam with bubbly seltzer and a hint of citrus while the Ginger Highball combines Beam with the spicy crispness of ginger ale. As much as we love a perfectly chilled beer in the midst of sweltering heat, there’s something to be said for a great cocktail that can be enjoyed in similar conditions, and these two new Beam Highball Cocktails more than deliver. They’ll be available later this year individually or for $10 a four-pack.

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