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That surprise snowfall that may have smacked you around this spring could’ve been properly mitigated with Hennessey’s latest cognac, appropriately named Paradis Impérial that uses highly select eau-de-vie fruit brandy to create a spirit with touches of orange blossom, jasmine, and a balancing hint of smokiness. As if that wouldn’t be enough to satisfy you, it comes in a special crystal decanter designed by Arik Levy that enhances the cognac’s gold hue for $3,000. Then you can store it in a Louis Vuitton-created $273,000 booze trunk that’ll make you look like you vacation with the Sultan of Brunei. It holds four magnums of Paradis Impérial along with glassware for you and 17 thirsty friends. Who says money can’t buy happiness?


You don’t need to be an international man of mystery for there to be value in the ability to pick a lock. Whether you have a penchant for forgetting your keys or just want to be there for friends and neighbors, learning to pick locks is a worthwhile skill. But that doesn’t mean you should go practicing on your front door; officers might not like that. Instead, get yourself this Lock Pick Training Kit, which includes a set of tools and a see-through padlock so you can watch what’s happening while you practice.