The “Storm Area 51” craze is on full tilt, and there are apparently 1.6 million people on Facebook who might seriously be in on the joke, causing the U.S. Air Force to issue a warning against attempts at breaching mysterious the government property in the Nevada desert. Bud Light is angling to their advantage by offering up free beer to any alien who happens to make it out if and when the teeming hordes break through. They’ve even created their own green and black (because that’s the color of aliens, dammit!) Bud Light label replete with bug-eyed alien head and the words “The Universally Renowned Space Beer” and “We Come In Peace” so as to create new drinking buddies without a scuffle. The Twitter campaign to promote the effort is asking for 50K retweets in order for the brand to print the labels, which we imagine will happen since they’re already over 40K. Who’s the superior species now?


Fulton & Roark’s solid fragrances have received tons of attention over the years because they’re perfect for guys who travel, get ready at the gym or want to smell great. Unlike other “loud” spray colognes, this is a more subtle way of wearing cologne and you can keep it in your pocket to reapply when necessary. Their new Limited Reserve scent Medicine Bow smells like fresh leaves, citrus, and just a hint of cannabis–plus, the first 1,000 units come in a custom matte white case that looks as good as this stuff smells. Get yours now.