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The temperature is getting to the point where having a hot cup of coffee in the morning becomes less appealing by the day. That doesn’t mean we don’t all need our daily caffeine fix though, which is where cold brew coffee comes in. At this point, it’s a pretty fair bet you probably already know how to make cold brew coffee on your own. It’s a simple enough process: combine coarse ground beans with water, let sit, filter, enjoy. There are plenty of great cold brew coffee makers on the market to help you with this, but none of them have impressed us like the new Espro Cold Brew System. Espro’s version of the cold brew maker brews up to 64 ounces of concentrate with a simple four-step system you’re already used to. What sets Espro apart from the others is the sealed brewer and the funnel setup that attaches to the growler. Rather than your coffee dripping through bit by bit as it gets oxided, it stays fresh and full-bodied until you’re ready to drain it (cleanly!) into the growler and then enjoy it over ice.


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