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The Japanese dominance of the once exclusively Scottish single malt industry just goes to show that imitation truly is the sincerest form of flattery. Now, Niflheim Artic Single Malt Whisky boasts its creation from world’s northernmost distillery at the base of the Lyngen Alps, 69th parallel north. Named after “the world of fog” (one of the nine worlds in Norse mythology), Nifheim uses Nordic barley and glacial meltwater to set itself apart from traditional whiskies, and then it’s aged in sherry, bourbon, and virgin casks located in an old NATO Cold War underground vault. The nose imparts hints of toasted nuts and dried fruit, along with a woody mid-palate with a wonderfully long sweet and spicy finish. Sadly, they’re all sold out right now, but they’re prepping for a bigger release, so more of the world can experience its uniqueness.


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