There’s a lot of stress involved in getting a college degree and it’s doubled (maybe even tripled) when a student decides to get his or her Master’s Degree, Law Degree, Doctorate or any other high education. All that schooling is bound to build up some serious stress and we all know stress can be one of the hardest things to manage.  Everyone has their tips and tricks, but for us, relaxing with a fresh pour at the end of the day always calms us down and there’s no better place to get one than the source itself.  Naturally, some colleges are better suited to provide access to high quality craft brewing.


Villanova – Tired Hands Brewing

Named after St. Thomas of Villanova, the Roman Catholic university often makes lists of the best colleges in America.  At least ones that rank based on education quality.  This list is probably a first for Villanova.  We all know it as one of the most businessy business schools in the country and a force to be reckoned with in NCAA, but hop-headed students also know it as super close to Tired Hands Brewing Company. After a long day of classes, you can unwind with a pint of HopHands Pale Ale or Rust & Decay II Sour Ale. At the very least, support their ridiculously metal canning efforts.

Distance to Brewery: 2.8 miles


University of San Francisco – Cellarmaker Brewing Company

The University of San Francisco is another Roman Catholic university near a brewery, making us think monks and brewing might not have drifted all that far apart. Students are lucky to live in a city that is home to a myriad of breweries, including Anchor and 21st Amendment. And it’s nothing against those breweries when we say this, but if they truly want to taste some of the best beers in the country should take the walk to Cellarmaker Brewing Company.  City walks always seem quick, and when their reward is Bourbon Barrel Vastness imperial stout or Killed By Death strong pale ale, it’s a good sight better than any brewery we have within walking distance.

Distance to Brewery: 2.8 miles


Keiser University – Funky Buddha Brewery

Let’s face it, Florida is a pretty nice place to go to college.  If you’re fortunate enough to avoid the often baffling wrath of Florida Man, you’ll enjoy beautiful weather, picturesque scenery, and the constant presence of the ocean. For schooling, Keiser University is one of the top-rated community colleges in the country, renowned for its nursing and computer science programs. Plus, Funky Buddha is one the long end of walking distance, although maybe get a ride for the trip back.  Those roads seem fairly busy.

Distance to Brewery: 2.8 miles


Saint Louis University – Perennial Artisan Ales

This Roman Catholic, private university is the oldest college west of the Mississippi. It’s known for its law school, also one of the oldest in the country. Obviously, St. Louis is known for one major brewery Anheuser-Busch, but that hasn’t let smaller breweries like Perennial Artisan Ales intimidate them out of production. Older undergrads and law students can unwind by sipping on an Abraxas Imperial Stout or Aria Belgian-inspired ale at the brewery’s tasting room.

Distance to Brewery: 9.1 miles


Boston College – Trillium Brewing Company

Boston is a beer-lover’s dream city. It’s the home of Harpoon as well as the world-famous Boston Beer Company and, our pick for this list, Trillium Brewing Company.  In fact, it’s a wonder how anyone in Boston finds the time to be sober, college students most of all. Doug Flutie’s alma mater is known as one of the finest research institutes in the US which means buzzed twenty-somethings must be great at microscopes. Otherwise, studies published by Boston College would mostly conclude there are two of everything and hiccups are a normal way to breathe.

Distance to Brewery: 9.8 miles


Bethel University – Surly Brewing Company

Located in St. Paul, Bethel University is a Christian university with an enrollment of 6,000 students. It’s a highly regarded Midwest university and many students go on to attend some of the best graduate schools in the country, including Yale, Stanford and Princeton.  The other ones get great at identifying hop strains and roast barley content. Most of that training is inadvertently done by Surly Brewing Company, though when Bender, Cynic Ale, and Stout are on tap, can anyone really be blamed?

Distance to Brewery: 10.4 miles


Bowdoin College – Maine Beer Company

Bowdoin College is one of the most well-regarded liberal arts schools in the country, topping the Niche list for 2017. It’s also the closest thing to an Ivy League school in the state of Maine. But they shouldn’t feel too bad for not making it that high, because we’d trade Ivy League status to be close to a great brewery any day, and the Maine Beer Company is a great brewery. Plus, they make beer you can feel good about drinking by offsetting their carbon footprint with renewable energy and committing themselves to the Clean Water Pledge.

Distance to Brewery: 11.5 miles


University of South Florida – Cigar City Brewing

South Florida, particularly in the Tampa Bay area, has a lot going on. It’s hard to focus enough to attend a college class with all of the beaches and sun. And if that wasn’t enough, Cigar City Brewing is a short car ride away, meaning students have plenty of fresh brews to supplement their Floridian activities.  There can’t be much better than getting yourself out in the sun with a Jai Alai IPA in your hand.

Distance to Brewery: 12.3 miles


Lyndon State College – Hill Farmstead Brewery

This public, liberal arts school is located in Lyndon, Vermont and is popular for its Atmospheric Sciences and Business Administration programs, which would make its double major selling you weather.  It also has the unique distinction of having a reasonably short drive to Hill Farmstead Brewery. Students of age can visit the nearby brewery and grab a glass of Abner IPA, Beyond Good and Evil (a bourbon barrel-aged maple imperial sweet stout) or any of their other amazing brews.

Distance to Brewery: 21.2 miles


The University of Texas – Jester King Brewery

Austin, Texas is a pretty great place to go to college. It’s the home of the University of Texas, a college known for its geoscience, engineering and law schools as well as being fairly close to Jester King Brewery. Jester King’s claim to fame is its seeming unwillingness to make a straightforward beer, which we mean as a compliment.  They’re crafting some of the craziest beers on the market and they show no signs of slowing dow.

Distance to Brewery: 21.4 miles

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