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In the year 1128, Saint Norbert of Xanten founded an abbey in the Belgium municipality of Grimbergen. This little history lesson is important because it’s in that abbey that the Norbertine monks started brewing their medieval Grimbergen beer. After multiple fires and French invasion over the years, the monks stopped brewing and the Grimbergen beer we know today is produced by huge outfits. That’s all about to change because the monks are picking up the mantle once again with the construction of a new microbrewery in the Grimbergen Abbey, and they’re not just making any old beer. They’re going all the way back to the beginning by making the new beer with recipes, brewing methods and ingredients that date back more than 220 years and were saved from the library before one of the fires. In other words, it’s a time machine in a glass. We can’t wait to try it.


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