These days, everyone is getting into the spirits game. If you can find a unique, interesting twist to sell your alcoholic beverage of choice, you’ll probably have a market for it. And when it comes to vodka, the most bizarre vodkas are always at the top of the “food” chain as it were. We’ve covered bacon, tomato, basil, cotton candy, pickle and quite a few others, but we’ve never touched on anything as absurd as Atomik Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Vodka. Essentially, it’s vodka made in the Chernobyl exclusion zone. We’re not going to pretend to be experts in this, so we’ll let the folks from Atomik take it away from this point. “We found that, at our site in the main exclusion zone, radiocaesium in rye was below the (quite cautious) Ukrainian limit but that radiostrontium was a bit above the limit. But when we made ATOMIK grain spirit from the grain, we could find no Chernobyl-derived radioactivity in the distilled alcohol. The Chernobyl Spirit Company is trying – on a small scale – to help by beginning to invest in the affected regions and to use 75% of profits to support these regions and the new Chernobyl Biosphere Reserve in the CEZ.” It seems like a great cause that we’re all more than willing to invest in, but unfortunately, there was only one experimental bottle of Atomik produced so far. Here’s hoping that more bottles get made–and make it Stateside–because this is one bottle we’d love to display on the bar cart.


Digging for the scoop in a bag of coffee means you’re going to get grounds stuck under your fingernails. Not clamping that bag shut when you’re done means those grounds could also end up all over your shelf. The Coffee Scoop Bag Clip solves both those problems. The stainless steel Coffee Scoop Bag Clip has a 1 tablespoon measuring cup on the end of the clip for easy scooping and sealing.