Since many of us are still home, we decided to do some digging to find useful products to help stay productive, occupied, entertained and fit while you’re At Home.

Whether you’re talking about Frank’s RedHot, Valentina, Sriracha, Tapatio, Louisiana or Tabasco, there are a lot of go-to hot sauces in the rotation. Our latest addition to the rotation is the Seed Ranch Flavor Co. Umami Hot Sauce you see here. Made with oven-dried olives, mushrooms, kelp fronds and capers, this sauce brings that secret, savory “fifth taste,” to anything you cook with it. Unlike some of those other favorites that have specific dishes and cuisines they work best with, Umami Hot Sauce is a flavor bomb that works with everything from broth and veggies, to steaks and stir fry. It makes one helluva marinade for chicken, too if you’re prepping poultry for the grill. Oh yeah, and it’s easy on the Scovilles so it works even for those of us that want flavor instead of pure heat.


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