Warm beer is what you settle for when you’re 22, it’s 3 am, and you’re already bleary from the previous brews you just tied on outside on a hot summer night. Then, there’s the tacky foam koozy that keeps beer cool for maybe 30 minutes in summer temps which is practically no solution at all and makes you look a bit desperate. The enjoyment level drops quickly, kinda like making out with a beautiful girl who also has rabid halitosis. The Asobu Frosty Beer 2 Go is like a Skunkworks project for adult beverages. Its double-wall insulation construction keeps beer deliciously chilly much longer and even transforms for both 12 oz bottle and cans. It also happens to conceal that bottle of Seagram’s Escapes you snuck in. Just don’t let somebody borrow the top-mounted bottle opener, the coolest part of all.


In short, this is a key-shaped multi-tool built of stainless steel that has all of the tools you need for everyday repairs for everything from light switches to bicycles. Bit driver. Protractor. Metric and Imperial rulers. Imperial and Metric closed wrenches. Bottle Opener. File. Scoring tip. Wire bender and bike spoke key. Wire stripper. Screwdrivers. 1/4 hex driver pocket. So you might need to throw in some hex bits for specific projects, but otherwise, the Geekey has you covered for almost all of your everyday repair needs. As if that wasn’t enough, the hexogon can also serve as a smoking bowl, with the shaft of the key hollowed out to serve as a pipe.