26. Mashed potatoes

When done right, it’s the dish everyone remembers from holiday gatherings.


27. Fish

The whole process. Catch it, put those pocket knives to use, and then throw it over a flame.

28. The family recipe

Every family has one. It’s your responsibility to carry on the legacy of whatever absurd dish your forefathers cooked up.


29. Oatmeal

It’s simple and healthy.

30. Risotto

A lesson in attention. There’s no checking your Instagram feed when you’re cooking risotto.


31. A chocolate cake

You want to win birthday points? This is how you win birthday points.

32. One challenging dish from a fairly advanced cookbook

(Try one of these: Alinea, On the Line, The French Laundry Cookbook.)


33. Pancakes from scratch

34. Gravy

It’s stupid easy and saves even the driest of birds.


35. These

You never know when you’ll feel like eating a towel.

36. Nachos with good cheese, quality chips, and fresh toppings


37. Chicken soup like your mother made

38. Your favorite dish

Tell the chef you love it. Ask him what’s in it. Then try to recreate it at home. Just know he didn’t tell you everything.


39. Stovetop popcorn

Ditch the bags.

40. Pork belly

It’s like bacon on steroids.


41. Dog Treats

A dog shall not live by Iams alone.

42. A whole turkey

Look, you’re gonna host Thanksgiving one day. Don’t blow it.


43. Something over a campfire

44. A poached egg

People will think you’re a damn wizard.


45. A hearty stew

Pair with #16 to help you get through winter.

46. Creme brulee

You get to use a freaking blowtorch!


47. Roasted veggies

A healthy side that will hone your knife skills and teach you the importance of uniform cuts.

48. A solid stock. Chicken or vegetable.

It will transform dishes and soups in a way a store-bought box never could.


49. Good pesto

It’s not just for pasta.

50. Your significant other’s favorite meal

Fingers crossed it’s Chef Boyardee.


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