What’s 1,000 years old is new again as the gose style is seizing its moment in the sun.

A gose (pronounced goes-uh) is a low-ABV German beer style made with malted wheat and spiced with coriander. It dates back to the 10th century, when it took its name from the Goslar River. That river also happens to be the source of the style’s signature salinity.

Today hundreds of breweries across the U.S. are putting their own spin on the classic style. While coriander and salt are ever-present, there is no shortage of wild ingredients being used to spice up the millennium old recipe. From chili peppers to key limes, the creativity is off the charts.

See what happens when Germany makes an exception to the Reinheitsgebot? Magic. You wouldn’t have these ten amazing goses to try if not for the Germans keeping the style alive all these years.


Off Color - Troublesome

This isn’t just my go-to gose. It’s my go-to beer. Troublesome is a blend of 80% wheat beer and 20% bacteria-brewed happy acid bath. Complexity is king, and Off Color definitely knows how to play the game of thrones.


Stillwater Artisanal -

Gose Gone Wild – Phuket

Phuket uses Westbrook’s gose as a base then remixes it like madmen, adding mango, lemongrass, thai chilis and sea salt. I’m guessing the name comes from your reaction after a couple days of trying to track it down.


Grimm Artisanal Ales - Super Spruce

Chinook hops and a double dose of resin result in a pine aroma that lives up to the Super Spruce name. If gin and beer had a baby, this would be it. And it’s a delicious baby at that. Note: Do drink beer. Don’t eat babies.


Strangeways Brewing -

Wake Me Up Before You Gose

Punny names are all too common in the beer world, but this one gets a bit of a pass since it’s probably the only Wham! reference you’ll find on the shelves. Thankfully the lemon tartness and kick of ginger help this gose absolutely live up to George Michael’s expectations.


Angel City Brewery -

Salted-Caramel Gose

Goses might be the only thing trendier than salted-caramel, so it’s only logical that they combine forces. Salt is a must in a gose, but the addition of caramel and vanilla is as delicious as it is unique.


Modern Times Beer -

Fruitlands Sour Cherry

Each of the three rotating Fruitlands beers is brewed with real fruit, but the Sour Cherry released in the fall is hands down the head of the class. Why try to compliment flavors when you can perfectly pit tartness against tartness?


Perennial Artisan Ales -

Suburban Beverage

Perennial unleashed a full array of citrus for this beer with oranges, lemons and limes all making the cut. It’s more tart than most, and that wonderful acidity lingers long after the beer is gone.


Lost Nation - Gose

This might be the most traditional of the bunch, so turn to Lost Nation if you want to truly experience the style from der guten alten Zeit. It’s light, tart, and refreshing. You can’t ask for much more out of a beer that’s meant to be easy-drinking.


Destihl Brewery - Here Gose Nothin

The Wild Sour Series combines mixed culture fermentation with kettle souring in a single beer, making it a truly unique take on the traditional gose. Even better, Here Gose Nothin’ can be bought as individual cans at Trader Joe’s so there’s no reason not to try it.


Westbrook Brewing - Gose

This beer was on the list before the idea for a gose article was even born. It’s that good. It’s also quite dry, which inspires rapid sipping until the six pack is gone. For a change of pace, try their equally awesome Key Lime Pie Gose.



Second Self Beer Co –

Maverick and Gose

One can only hope that naming beers after movies is the next big things in brewing. Out with the hop puns and in with the Top Guns!

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