If you’re looking for something other than bubbly to ring in the new year, consider a few of these cocktails. Each is inspired by something from the past 365 days and they all happen to taste mighty good. Here’s to your first hangover of 2013!

Gangnam Style Pony-rita

No song was so hilariously infectious in 2012 as Gangnam Style. No song also made you want to drink so bad. The Gangnam Style Pony-rita does the trick with a generous helping of tequila. (Recipe)

The Golden Phelps

Don’t bet against the champ. That was the lesson of the 2012 London Olympics. The Golden Phelps is an ode to everyone’s favorite pot-smoking swimmer and one of the best athletes of 2012. (Recipe)

The Dark Knight

Despite the fact that there were a bunch of good movies released in 2012, The Dark Knight Rises is our pick for the film of the year. This purple velvet-looking martini is simple to make and good if you’re entertaining. Just don’t drink so many that you end up harder to understand than Bane. (Recipe)

The Election Day Mojito

Whether you were happy about the outcome or not, there’s something we can all agree on: Booze is great. The Election Day Mojito is a bit bold (it has edible glitter stars in it), but if you don’t mind your drink being the center of attention, it will pay off in deliciousness. By the way, we’d say those glitter stars are optional.  (Recipe)

The Incredible Hulk cocktail

The Avengers was clearly one of the year’s biggest films, and if you had to pick one character that really stole the show, it was The Incredible Hulk. As long as you don’t turn into a Hulk-like drunk, you could probably handle a few of these cocktails. (Recipe)

The Twinkie Goblet

We’re going to be honest, we still haven’t fully processed the fact that Twinkies could just be a memory in the not too distant future. Collect all of them while you can and concoct your own Twinkie Goblet. Actually, you’ll just have to find one to top this drink/dessert off with. Created by the geniuses over at Sugar Factory in Las Vegas, this is our new favorite way to get a buzz and a sugar high at the same time. (Recipe)

The Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies were so hot this year. From The Walking Dead to crazy bath salt stories, you couldn’t escape their slow-moving grasp. This drink is an epic homage to the year of walkers. You know, just your average drink with calf brains, no biggie. (Recipe)

Little Green Man From Mars

Yes, the photos from the Mars Curiosity Rover weren’t overly exciting, but still, having the little guy land on the red planet was a pretty big deal. Here’s an idea, lets drink to it! A few of these shots and you’ll also be off on an epic journey.  (Recipe)

Katniss Everdeen’s Ever After Cocktail

You can argue all you want that The Hunger Games was a movie for girls. We’ll counter with the fact that there are worse things to do with your time than watch Jennifer Lawrence for a few hours. This drink is inspired by the star and features a solid dose of jalapeno-infused tequila. (Recipe)

Sonic Screwdriver

Why Doctor Who exploded onto the American scene in 2012, we don’t know. We mean, the show has been around for decades. Still, this year saw the British sci-fi drama become a somewhat household name stateside. This drink won’t perform the magic that the good doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver does, but a few will make you feel like you’re flying around in a TARDIS. (Recipe)

Doomsday Cocktail

Don’t know about you, but we didn’t even buy people Christmas gifts cause we thought the world was ending. Thanks Mayans, now we look like assholes. With perhaps the biggest end of the world prophecy failing to come true, might as well drink your face off with a few of these bad boys. (Recipe)


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