Maybe 2014 included a few too many heavy stouts and late night tacos, or maybe you just want to take your gains to another level, whatever the reason, it’s the time of year to get your fitness game plan in order. Luckily, we live in a time when you don’t have to go it alone. All the assistance you need can be put right on your phone. Here are the apps that will have you feeling and looking great in the new year.


The long-time king of healthy eating apps holds the crown for good reason. You’ve heard the phrase “Abs are made in the kitchen?” Well, it’s pretty much true, and MyFitnessPal will be your secret six-pack weapon. It’s a calorie counter that has nutritional stats for so many foods, you don’t have to go searching around online for the calorie count on that Italian hoagie you just ate. From McDonald’s burgers to things deep in the aisles of Whole Foods, MyFitnessPal takes all the guess work out of your nutritional tracking. With over 1 million items and growing, it’s the calorie counter we recommend. iOS Android


Let’s say your goal is to start running or biking more. That’s great, but for some people a personal quest like that can eventually burn out. Nothing will keep you going like lighting that competitive fire within you, and that’s exactly what Strava does. By allowing you to compete with other runners and cyclists around the world simply by logging the data from your GPS device (yes, you’ll need one, but Strava works with tons of them), you can let that quest to win fuel you. You can even take part in challenges and win prizes. If you’re a competitive person, it will keep you from quitting on your pavement pounding or cycling. iOS Android

The Scientific 7-Minute Workout

We mentioned both the original and the Advanced 7-Minute Workout from The New York Times before. For those who struggle fitting a trip to the gym into their daily routine, this workout quickie is perfect. Both versions deliver a total body workout it under 10 minutes. No excuses. iOS Android


You’re not going to continue exercising if you hate doing it. RockMyRun claims it’s been scientifically proven that using the app can improve your enjoyment of exercise up to 33%. At its core, the app provides tailored playlists that are ideal for running. And while that’s nice, the real selling point is how it can change the tempo as your heart rate increases. iOS Android

Tabata Trainer

Interval training has been popular among fitness fanatics for good reason. Pushing your body through an intense circuit makes for a fast and efficient workout. The Tabata Trainer app comes loaded with routines designed to challenge users of any level. You can even make up your own circuits to target specific goals you have. You’ll save time without hurting results. iOS


Being healthy and fit is more than just pushing around some weights and watching what you eat. Being healthy is about monitoring your body, and far too many of us are too busy to listen. Instead of just pushing off a doctor’s visit when you think you should go, download Amwell. The simple app gives you a virtual appointment whenever you need one, 24/7. You can even use health info from a device to send heart rate info, blood pressure, and more right over to the doc. If 2015 is about truly taking care of yourself, Amwell is a simple way to do so. iOS Android


While MyFitnessPal is great for counting calories and nutritional info, finding the dishes you want is still up to you. That’s where HealthyOut comes in. The app helps you find the healthiest options around you. Want low carb and under 600 calories? You can search that. Want something that fits your paleo diet? You can search that too. iOS Android

Fitness Buddy

If your goal for 2015 is to pack on some muscle, Fitness Buddy is the app to turn to. Each of the 1000+ exercises have detailed pictures, animations, and descriptions so you know exactly how to execute them, and the app allows you to select the workout plan right for your goals. You can even visually track your progress and see the gains to your biceps, calves, and other body parts. iOS Android


We’ll admit Pact is a little hokey. but we can’t deny that it can work. You make a Pact that says you’ll workout more or eat healthier, and if you don’t, you pay money to other Pact members. Of course if you follow through with your Pact, you can earn money from other members that didn’t. Nothing will motivate you more than a lighter wallet. iOS Android


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