You’ve probably heard two things about deep frying your Thanksgiving Day bird: 1) It’s extremely dangerous, and 2) It’s beyond delicious. Well, it isn’t, and it really is. Deep frying your turkey takes some preparation and a bit of caution, but if you follow a few simple rules, you’ll have a bird like no other. Here’s all the gear you need to fry up a crispy and juicy bird for Thursday.


Marinade Injector

Yes, you can get a simple marinade syringe for a few bucks to inject some flavor into your turkey, but if you’re willing to spend the money, The SpitJack Magnum will make you rethink using anything inferior again. You can adjust the flow of marinade as you inject it, and the two different needles allow you to use either a simple liquid marinade or one with some herbs or solid spices in it.



To avoid getting cooked turkey juice all over your clothes while you’re carving the bird, you’re going to want an apron. And if you’re going to be carving with some guests around, you’re going to want one that looks good. This denim version from Hedley & Bennett fits the bill.


Frying Gloves

You’ll want to use some common sense while deep frying your turkey. With that said, we’d assume you wouldn’t put your bare skin close to some boiling hot oil. The Fryer Glove will keep your hands and forearms safe from any scalding pops when you lower the turkey down.


Outdoor Burner

This burner from Bayou Classic is powerful and low to the ground, both things you want when selecting a burner. It also provides a large enough surface to keep the pot stable while you’re frying.


Pot with Accessories

You’ll need a large enough pot to keep the oil from overflowing when the turkey is submerged. This 30-quart aluminum pot can handle a decent-sized bird, and it comes with the tools needed to lower it down and pull it back out.


Meat Thermometer

The kit above includes a thermometer for the oil, and you’ll want to pay attention to that for safety reasons, but for checking whether the bird is done, you’ll probably want a meat thermometer as well.


Poultry Lifter

After you cook the turkey you’re going to let it rest. And after you let it rest you’re going to move it to your carving board or onto a platter. Instead of putting your grimy hands on the thing, get his poultry lifter from OXO.


Carving Board

A cheap plastic carving board will get nicked up and harbor bacteria. If serving up stomach pain isn’t on your holiday menu, get a quality wooden board. The Mintzer, from Brooklyn Butcher Blocks, has edge grooves to catch juices and a nice brickwork motif.


Carving Set

LamonSharp makes their knives right here in the US and they rival the likes of Wusthof and Shun. This carver set features a one-piece, forged, full tang blade made of high-carbon stainless steel. It’s a set that will last for many Thanksgivings to come.



If you need a recipe to follow, this one from Emeril is one we highly recommend.


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