Gift Guide: The Lush

For the guy who opens gifts with scotch in hand, there’s a lot you can get him that doesn’t have to go in his glass. Whether his libation of choice is a beer, a cocktail, or something stronger, let this gift guide point you in the right direction this holiday season.

Carry On Cocktail Kit

Unless you’re flying first class, you’re probably not going to get a proper cocktail at 30,000 feet. This kit changes that by providing everything you need to craft an Old Fashioned (minus the booze). All they have to do is order up a mini bottle of whiskey and they’re set. $24

Hammered Steel Rivet Cocktail Picks

Too many drinking accessories lack character and look like they came from a dollar store. For cocktail picks fit for a man, consider these created by San Francisco metalsmith Jefferson Mack. Hand-forged, rustic, and ready for some serious drinks. $49

Dry-Erase Homebrew Labels

You can go through a lot of printout beer labels as a homebrewer. This holiday season, give that person a few sets of Dry-Erase Homebrew Labels from Garage Monk to help ease their pain and give their wallet some relief. Since you can write on them and then erase whatever you wrote, they’ll last for many batches to come. $20

Barrel-Aged Spirits Kit

If you have someone on your list who loves bourbon and can’t get enough of that spicy and oaky taste, consider getting them this Barrel-Aged Spirits Kit. The kit includes a few barrel staves they can drop in a lighter alcohol—vodka, gin, etc.—to impart some of those flavors to other beverages. $20

Greff Growler Carrier

A growler is great for bring fresh beer home, but it isn’t exactly the most convenient thing to tote around. This Growler Carrier from Greff is made from waxed canvas and is designed to make beer transportation a bit easier. Plus, the insulated interior helps keep that brew nice and cold till you get it home. $79

Travel Cocktail Kit

Another gift with the traveling boozehound in mind. This Travel Cocktail Kit from Stephen Kenn and Gin & Luck comes with 9 empty bottles, a mixing spoon, and a recipe book. The recipient fills up the bottles with the necessary liquors and mixers from their home bar, and then they can craft a fine beverage wherever their travels take them. $275

Shtox Rotating Tumbler

Twirling a glass of whiskey while deep in thought makes anyone look like a powerful businessman or an evil supervillain. This Shtox glass makes it easy for the average guy to pull off the look. Each glass can easily rotate on the table while delivering a mesmerizing visual. $65

Bartender Utility Bag

Just like a chef has a knife roll, any discerning cocktail crafter should have a way to haul around his own gear. This Bartender Utility Bag allows the pro and novice alike to have a beautifully handcrafted bag to drop their tools in. Available with or without tools, each is made in the USA using durable waxed duck canvas.$325

Liquid Intelligence

How do you invent a new earth-shattering cocktail? Well, it helps to understand the principles at work before you go adding a dash of this and that. Liquid Intelligence: The Art and Science of the Perfect Cocktail is a step inside the mind of Booker & Dax’s David Arnold. All of his years of testing and study right at someone’s fingertips. $22

“Hair of the Dog” Hangover Tonic

Dram Apothecary makes plenty of interesting bitters to spice up a cocktail, but their “Hair of the Dog” Hangover Tonic also offers a little relief for the morning after. Crafted with a blend of herbs known to ease the pain of a hangover, it’s made for the guy who needs to function the next day. $18

Whiskey Wedge

Chilling whiskey without diluting it is easier said than done. Small ice cubes melt quickly and those whiskey stones are questionable at best. The Whiskey Wedge is a smarter and sharper alternative. Besides looking cool (awful pun very much intended), the ice wedge in the tumbler will chill some hooch without diluting it too much. $15

Whiskey Barrel Coffee

After a night of drinking, nothing beats a big greasy breakfast and a cup of coffee. For the guy who still craves that whiskey aroma and taste the morning after, get him some Whiskey Barrel Coffee. The small batch coffees are aged in bourbon barrels to add a new dimension to a cup of java’s profile. $30

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