Seattle is home to around 50 breweries, well over 1,000 coffee shops, and some of the most picturesque views you could imagine. We want you to experience it all. The winner of this contest will receive two round trip flights (we weren’t going to make you tell your lady-friend she couldn’t go), a dinner for two at the Metropolitan Grill, a Sona Fitness Tracker to slap on before you go exploring, and a two-night stay at the Mayflower Park Hotel (you didn’t think we’d put you up in some shabby motel, did you?). It’s a total value of $2,750. Enter below and get ready to explore one of America’s coolest cities.

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We’re sick of the quarantine beard, so we’re going clean shaven again. We’re doing it with a Henson razor. Precision-machined out of aluminum by a boutique aerospace manufacturer, this razor feels and works better than anything else on the market. It presents the blade at such a precise angle you can barely feel the shave. It’s uncanny. Most guys (and gals, they have a women’s razor) prefer drugstore cartridge razors because they’re plug ‘n play. Honestly, the Henson design ensures perfect positioning every time, and it’s cheaper and better for the environment long-term. Switch today.