With so many breweries releasing so many beers, a beer lover can feel overwhelmed. Paralysis by analysis is real, so it can never hurt for a thirsty traveler to know what to look for. After you’ve made headway on the classics on this listthis listthis list, and this list, reach for something new, something like one of these 8 releases we’re excited about. Here’s our freshest batch of new beers to try. And don’t forget, if you’re a fan of good beer, sign up for Hoppist, our weekly newsletter dedicated to beer releases, stories, and news. 


Founders CBS

The long-awaited return of Founders CBS is officially upon us, as the Michigan brewery announced last week that the legendary beer will be the final installment in their Barrel-Aged Series. CBS (Canadian Breakfast Stout) is brewed with coffee and chocolate before aging in bourbon barrels that once held maple syrup. The result is one of the most sought-after beers ever brewed. So, it stands to reason, when it’s released on December 1, it will create quite the treasure hunt, and not just for residents of Grand Rapids, Michigan, as this bad boy is getting nationwide distro. Be on the lookout. Link


Style: Barrel-Aged Stout / ABV: TBD

Creature Comforts x Interboro Stay G-O-L-D

If you’re a fan of Run the Jewels, Creature Comforts, Interboro, and slick can design, your most favorite beer of all time is about to be released in Athens, Georgia. Stay G-O-L-D is a 6% ABV IPA brewed with Mosaic, Citra, and Chinook hops, along with Strata, a new hop varietal in the game. Previous versions of this beer have been made by Pipeworks, Interboro, and Burial, each with the same base malts, meaning the differences between each is almost exclusively from the hops. Legend has it this is one damn fine IPA. Link


Style: IPA / ABV: 6%

Stone Neapolitan Dynamite

When we were younger, we would take a spoon to a tub of Neapolitan ice cream and form large scoops with each flavor included. We know, we’re monsters. At least Stone gets where we were coming from. They teamed with Abnormal Brewing along with Paul Bischeri and Patrick Martinez, the winners of Stone’s Homebrew Competition, to brew Neapolitan Dynamite. The beer was submitted by the two homebrewers and scaled with the help of Stone and Abnormal to allow all of us to experience the sweet chocolate, rich vanilla, and flavorful strawberry of a pint of Neapolitan in beer form. Link


Style: Imperial Stout / ABV: 8.5%

Goose Island Cooper Project No. 3: Barrel-Aged Porter

If you’ve been following along, you know Goose Island’s Cooper Project has been aimed at highlighting what barrels can do to a beer. It’s in this third installment when we see that the most clearly. The third beer in the series is a bourbon barrel-aged porter that sat for three months in casks. Not only is it our favorite in the series so far, but the barrel notes really come through and elevate the porter, adding a new depth of flavor to an otherwise one-note brew. The fact that it’s a porter allows the booze and oak of the barrel to take center stage, which is exactly what the brewery wanted, we imagine. Link


Style: Barrel-Aged Porter / ABV: 8.2%

Sam Adams Utopias 10th Vintage

About six years ago, there was an arms race to see who could brew the world’s strongest beer. Problem was, most of the “beer” being brewed really wasn’t beer at all, as some was fortified and other brewers relied on “jacking,” a method you can learn more about here, resulting in a liquor, not a beer. That’s what makes Samuel Adams Utopias so unique. It’s a strong-ass beer and it is, in fact, a beer. As Jim Koch, co-founder of the Boston Beer Company puts it, “Utopias is brewed like any other Sam Adams beer, using traditional brewing methods.” Unlike any other Sam Adams beer, however, Utopias is illegal in a handful of states, as the 28% ABV pushes it well beyond the limits of some states. So what do you get if you get your hands on this pricey brew (it retails for $200)? A beer that tastes a bit like a fine port or cognac. Having sampled it with Koch and company from Sam Adams, we can safely say it will change the way you think of beer. Link


Style: American Strong Ale / ABV: 28%

Second Self JunIPA

JunIPA is inspired by the flavor profile of gin, meaning you can expect notes of juniper berries and herbs when you take a swig. In fact, to achieve such a taste and aroma, Second Self actually dry-hopped this beer with juniper and rosemary, two things that play nice with the Amarillo and Cascade hops used in the boil. If you like the taste of gin but aren’t looking to do shots of the stuff, a few cans of JunIPA is just what the good doctor ordered. Link


Style: IPA / ABV: 6.4%

Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout Reserve

Yeah, we’re giving you two Goose Island beers because, well, Black Friday is right around the corner and for beer lovers that means it’s BCBS season. This year’s highlight, at least in our humble opinion, is the new for 2017 Bourbon County Brand Stout Reserve. What makes Reserve different from regular Bourbon County Stout? Well, the brewers took the original Bourbon County Stout and let it rest in spent 11-year-old Knob Creek barrels. That means subtle differences and a bit more nuanced flavor. Expect more bourbon in this one. Since the original BCBS is so damn good, we prefer this sort of tinkering over tossing tons of adjuncts in. If you’re in Chicago or Kentucky, you’re in for a treat this year. Link


Style: Imperial Stout / ABV: 15%

Sixpoint Smoothie

Sixpoint is pioneering a new release system for some of its beers. Via the Sixpoint App, thirsty fans can purchase Sixpoint beer from the production facility in Brooklyn. Hop on and you’ll see how many cans are left and you can put an order in to secure yours. It’s an interesting idea that should be met with a good deal of interest, as Sixpoint brought on Trillium’s Head Brewer to help push the NY-based brewery forward. Smoothie in a Northeast-style IPA that, as the name suggests, offers a thick mouthfeel and abundant notes of citrus. Those notes are courtesy of the Citra, Azacca, El Dorado, Galaxy, and Idaho 7 hops used in its creation. Download the app and secure a 6-pack before it’s too late. Link


Style: IPA / ABV: 7.2%
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