Every couple of weeks, we’re bringing you a roundup of vintage wheels on the auction block that we’re obsessing over.

1963 Land Rover Santana

In 1958, the now defunct Santana Motors company reached a deal to build Land Rover models in Spain. In essence, Land Rover sent them parts, or what they called “Complete Knocked Down kits,” to build Land Rovers in Spain. With less than 3000 miles, this forest green and white Rover is your chance to own a unique and interesting part of Land Rover history. Buy it for $49,900

1967 Datsun Roadster 1600 SPL 311

At first glance, it looks like an MG or some other European roadster. However, this is actually the Datsun Roadster SPL 311, or “Fairlady,” in Japanese markets. While it doesn’t look quite like it, this is the origin of the Z line-up from Nissan. With a recently completed frame-off restoration, this show-winning SPL 311 features a meticulous exterior and interior as well as a fully restored 1600 cc motor. Buy it for $27,500
Image Credit: Mike Villa

1967 Kharmann Ghia Hybrid

Technically a VW, this Ghia was placed in the capable hands of a former race car driver and Porsche restoration specialist to build, essentially, a street-legal race car. After completing extensive body work, a modified Porsche 912 motor was dropped in the trunk. Other improvements include a close ratio gear box, full rollcage and racing seats. Buy it for $16,988

1955 Aston Martin DB 2/4

It’s unlikely that you’ll ever find a more perfectly restored DB 2/4 as this 1955. Also known as the Mk1, the DB 2/4 was produced from 1953 until 1957, and this particular example spent two years being restored into the condition you see now. Buy it for $247,750

1965 Sunbeam Tiger MKI

Originally designed in part by Carroll Shelby, the Sunbeam Tiger was a performance version of the Sunbeam Alpine Roadster. Sadly, the Sunbeam Tiger met its demise in 1967 as a result of insufficient capital that ultimately led to the company being purchased by Chrysler. This nicely restored Tiger MKI has been updated with a 300hp Ford V-8 as well as plenty of other go-fast parts. Buy it for $65,000

Jaguar C-Type Alloy Replica of #18 LeMans Racer

Granted this is a replica—titled as a 1965 Jaguar replica of the of the 1953 Jaguar LeMans racer #18—but seeing as there were only 53 of the original C-Type, we can let it slide. Beautifully hand-crafted to faithfully replicate the original C-Type and finished in British Racing Green, this C-Type will certainly turn heads. Buy it for $124,900

1971 Ferrari 365 GTB/Daytona Spyder Conversion

Again, while not the genuine issue, let’s face facts: there were only 124 original Ferrari Daytonas produced. Regardless, this 1971 California car is a stunning example of the Daytona conversion—looking very much like the Daytona featured in the original Miami Vice. While unrestored, this Ferrari is in very good condition featuring black exterior and tan leather interior with a 4.4 litre 12 cylinder under the hood. Current Price $325,000

1989 Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary

For some, the Lamborghini Countach was the first exotic car ever experienced. The sleek body lines and scissor doors made sure that its image graced the walls of many a young boy. And who could forget Jordan Belfort’s skillful navigation of his white Countach in Wolf of Wall Street? This particular Countach was produced to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Countach and was by far the fastest with 0-60 times in the sub 5 second range with a top speed of 183 mph. Regrettably, production ended in the next model year to make way for the Diablo. Buy it for $449,000


[Shop]  The original Timex Military Watch was designed based on two things: ruggedness and simplicity. Ruggedness to stand up to the demands of a soldier, and simplicity so the time could be grasped with a passing glance. That doesn’t mean such a watch couldn’t receive some updates, however. This is the MK1 Chronograph, a reimagining of the original military watch. Now packed with a chronograph, this Timex still allows for easy readability, only now you can use it as a stopwatch as well. Built with a robust aluminum case that’s strong yet light and a double-layer black slip-through band, the Timex MK1 Chronograph is as comfortable and stylish as it is dependable.