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8 New Beers You Should Know

8 New Beers You Should Know

When you hit your local liquor store or brewery in search of some new beers to try, there are a few we’d recommend keeping an eye out for. Some of these are brand new, some are seasonals making their return, and some were just announced for future release. So next time you’re out scouting some potential fridge-dwellers, look out for these.

Rogue Pendleton Pilsner

Making its debut later this summer is a beer loaded with Oregon pride. Rogue Pendleton Pilsner is a collaboration between Rogue and Pendleton Woolen Mills, two Oregon-based companies, that’s crisp and perfect for lounging on a blanket in the grass. The bottle sports the iconic Pendleton design often seen on their legendary blankets, and the brew is made with barley grown on Rogue’s farm. Link

Pilsner • ABV: N/A • RATING: N/A


Other Half Hop Showers

The hottest brewery in the country right now is Other Half Brewing. The Brooklyn-based brewery is making a name for themselves thanks to their stellar hoppy beers. And when they can, killer packaging doesn’t hurt things. Case in point: Hop Showers. The 7.4% IPA comes clad in one of the slickest cans we’ve seen, and the contents are worthy of such a fine ensemble. Link

IPA • ABV: 7.4% • RATING: 93


Victory Sour Monkey

Victory just decided to put a fun new twist on their iconic Golden Monkey tripel. The brewery’s new Sour Monkey is a funky and tart spin on the sweet beer, and if we’re being honest, it’s even better. Still packed with a candy sweetness, Sour Monkey adds a puckering dimension to one of Victory’s most well-known beers. Link

Wild Ale • ABV: 9.5% • RATING: 91


Alesmith Hall of Fame Imperial San Diego Pale Ale

Padres fan or not, you’re going to want to get your hands on this brew from Alesmith. When the brewery worked on .394 Pale Ale with Tony Gwynn over a year ago, the legendary slugger envisioned this beer, as well. Now, in honor of the late Padre, Alesmith is releasing it and raising funds for the Tony Gwynn Museum. And since it’s Alesmith, you know it’ll be good. Link

Imperial Pale Ale • ABV: 9% • RATING: N/A


Kane Head High

Kane’s first foray into canning is a good one. The NJ-based brewery is unleashing their killer IPA in 16 oz. cans this fall, and if you’re brew-tripping through Joisey, we recommend trying to snag some. Brewed with five different American hops, Head High explodes with tropical notes, and Kane’s house yeast adds a nice dry finish. Link

IPA • ABV: 6.6% • RATING: 95


Stone Points Unknown IPA

Stone joined forces with Wicked Weed and Ecliptic for their latest offering, and based solely on the breweries involved, we’re guessing it’s going to be awesome. Actually, to be fair, they brewed two beers—a West Coast IPA and a Belgian Tripel—and combined those into what’s being called Points Unknown IPA. Totally unique and probably pretty stellar. Link

Double IPA • ABV: 9.5% • RATING: 86


Left Hand Introvert Session IPA

Don’t tell other breweries, but summer usually means bringing down the ABV. For poolside drinking, Left Hand’s got something new for you. Introvert Session IPA is loaded with notes of papaya and kiwi and balanced with sweet malt. It’s not exactly stout season. Link

Session IPA • ABV: 4.8% • RATING: 84


Highland Lost Cove Pale Ale

Another light and refreshing brew for your next barbecue, Lost Cove Pale Ale is the new summer seasonal from North Carolina’s Highland Brewing Company. It’s really a beer that defies categorization, with a crisp pilsner backbone and a hoppy profile. Link

Pale Ale • ABV: 4.5% • RATING: 80