Instead of wading through the massive amount of new app releases searching for a few diamonds in the rough, just let us be your guide. This is a collection of our favorite new apps for both iOS and Android for your downloading pleasure.

BitTorrent Shoot

You have more options than ever when it comes to getting photos and videos from your device to your friends and family, but none work on the scale of BitTorrent Shoot. Using BitTorrent Sync’s P2P technology, you can send huge batches of photos and videos directly from your device to other nearby devices quickly and securely. Once you’re in Send mode, it’s as simple as the receivers scanning the QR code on your device and starting the transfer. And since it’s cross platform you can shoot from iOS to Android to Windows Phone and back without any hassle. iTunes Android


Forming good habits can be easier said than done, but the iOS Streaks app aims to make the process less painful by letting you track up to six tasks you want to complete every day. The beautifully simple app provides you with some preset tasks like walking or running, eating a healthy meal, practicing an instrument or reading for 10 minutes, but also allows you to create your own tasks if you need to accomplish other things. Mark the task as complete when you’re done, and then track your streaks over the last week or month. It’s like having a life coach in your pocket. iTunes


When you’re craving a burger (we’ve all been there), there’s no better app to get you fed than BurgeRadar. Choose how far you want to go, hit the hamburger and BurgeRadar will give you ratings, distances, directions and even a contact number for your burger spot of choice. You’ll still have to use Yelp for your pho, donut hybrids and pizza, but BurgeRadar has you covered when it comes to meat cradled in a bun. iTunes


Swivel is a lightweight Android utility app that does only one thing–it controls the screen orientation/rotation for individual apps. Portrait lock your messaging app of choice. Inverted landscape lock your video player of choice. Change the orientation for as many apps as you want to suit your personal preferences without having to mess with the universal rotation lock that you have to turn on and off a few times a day. Android


The world is falling apart, and your sweet spaceship is the only thing that can save all the humans stranded in peculiar places in a collapsing world. Escape’s “touch to go up” mechanic will immediately feel very familiar, but the art direction, hero mechanic and more than ten hours of gameplay in adventure mode will have you saying “Flappy what?” within a few minutes. iTunes Android


We generally prefer pen and paper for our journaling, but even thousands of words won’t replace pictures of the sunset on the Seine, that historic brewery you visited or the mountain range you camped near. When you’re still traveling, you need some sort of itinerary. When you return home, inevitably you’re inundated by friends and family for pictures and stories of your grand adventure. Journo helps with all of this by letting you create endless amounts of travel maps, collaborative journal entries filled with pictures/text/videos and even giving you the option to print physical journal books right from the app. Link

Facebook Moments

Moments by Facebook is a new app that takes the pain out of post-event photo sharing. Everyone has their own pictures from the barbecue, street festival, concert, wedding, etc. and Moments gives you a safe place to share and sync all the photos taken with the friends that were there. Each collaborative “moment” is searchable, organized by friends and date, downloadable to your camera roll and, most importantly, shareable directly on Facebook, Instagram or Messenger. iTunes Android


Built by the same company that brought you the music recognition app SoundHound, Hound is one of the most advanced “voice butlers” we’ve ever seen. Using a combination of speech recognition and language understanding, Hound works with spoken queries as detailed as “show me four or five star hotels in Seattle for three nights starting on Friday between $150 and $250 with free WiFi and a gym that aren’t bed and breakfasts.” It’s currently in Beta on Android with an iOS app coming soon. Link


Finding a belt that fits exactly right when your weight fluctuates is impossible–unless you’re wearing a Mission Belt. Mission Belts use a unique ratchet buckle that adjusts every 1/4″, which means a comfortable, easy-to-adjust fit every time. Their full-grain Italian leather collection includes seven options, so there’s a good-looking, high-quality Mission Belt for every occasion. As if that wasn’t enough, $1 from every belt sold goes to their “Mission” of fighting poverty with micro loans through a partnership with Kiva. To date, they’ve loaned over $4.1 million in over 75 countries. Fits perfectly. Fights poverty.