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10 TED Talks Every Guy Should See

10 TED Talks Every Guy Should See

Become a fan of TED Talks and you’ll quickly get sucked down a rabbit hole of videos, podcasts and mind-expanding information. They can expose you to new ideas and entertain you in the process, but not every TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Talk is really all that good. In fact, some are really, really boring. We picked out 10 good ones that we think every guy should either watch or listen to at some point in their life.

“Are We Born To Run?” by Christopher McDougall

First of all, if you haven’t read McDougall’s book, “Born to Run,” do so, it’s the most entertaining book about running, booze, and chia seeds you’ll ever read. This TED Talk from the author touches on parts of the book but really elaborates on certain aspects and delves deep into what running means to humans. You’ll learn to be proud of your sweatiness and develop a distaste for running shoes in the process.  TED

“Choice, Happiness and Spaghetti Sauce” by Malcolm Gladwell

Every book Malcolm Gladwell puts out blows up for good reason. For a good example why, check out this talk by Gladwell that is much in line with the stories he writes about. He takes an obscure story and relates it to a universal topic. Here he tells a little story about how Prego spaghetti sauce perfectly sums up happiness. TED

“How I Held My Breath For 17 Minutes” by David Blaine

What makes David Blaine the world’s most intriguing magician is the creativity of his performances. Back in 2008, Blaine held his breath for just over 17 minutes and broke the world record. After he did it, many wondered how he tricked everyone into thinking he could actually accomplish such a feat. This TED Talk from Blaine not only describes what he did, but it takes you inside the mind of a guy who will go to insane lengths to put together an epic performance. You’ll also get the sense of what it feels like to hold your breath for a crazy-long period of time. TED

“Philosophy in Prison” by Damon Horowitz

In the style of a passionate spoken word poet, Damon Horowitz delivers this short speech on his work teaching philosophy in San Quentin State Prison. It’s brief but filled with a lot of interesting questions about what is “right” and what is “wrong” … especially to someone who is in prison for murder. TED

“Underwater Astonishments” by David Gallo

If you often find your TV tuned to National Geographic, this is a TED Talk for you. David Gallo shares clips of simply mind-blowing visual tricks underwater creatures can pull off. It’s only six minutes long but it’s loaded with things you have to see to believe (like the octopus hiding in the last clip). TED

“Healthier Men, One Mustache at a Time” by Adam Garone

If you’ve ever wondered how Movember came about, here’s one of the men behind it to explain everything to you. Long before the mustache became an ironic hipster staple, it was fairly radically for younger guys to be rocking one. In a way, the whole mustache revival can be traced back to Adam and his friends sitting around with a couple of drinks. On top of that, it was all for a great cause. TED

“Meet the Sixth Sense Interaction” – Pattie Maes

Even though this talk is a few years old, the innovative ideas and technology displayed are still incredibly impressive. While the cool factor of the wearable device Maes talks about is off the charts, she delves deep into the functional possibilities of adding the technology into your everyday life and really sells it as the future of interactive “sixth sense” tech. Shut up and take our money, Pattie. TED

“The Mystery Box” by J.J. Abrams

J.J. Abrams has created some seriously awesome movies and TV shows. In this TED Talk, the creator of Lost talks about how a simple purchase at a magic store when he was a kid inspired so much of what he has done. It’s also a really intelligent look at why certain movies resonate with us. TED

“Claim Your Manspace” by Sam Martin

Sam Martin’s TED Talk is five minutes of house porn. Not just any houses though, manspaces. It’s a quick look at guys around the world who have built their own little getaway structures to relax and have a beer in. You’re gonna want to go build your own after you watch it. TED

“The Art of Misdirection” by Apollo Robbins

We’ve talked about Apollo Robbins before on Cool Material (The Art of Pickpocketing) and his TED Talk is one not to be missed. The king of sly theft teaches about the incredible power of misdirection in this short and entertaining talk. TED