Since new apps get released at an incredible rate, we figured it only fair to keep you abreast of the best. Stop sifting through all the terrible games and little life helpers to find some gems and break out your iPhone or Android device and get to downloading some of these guys.


With HEARD running silently in the background, your ability to record things just took a monumental step forward. Now you don’t have to try to predict when awesome things will happen, you can simply go back in time and save up to 5 minutes of whatever just happened (more than 12 seconds does require an upgrade, however). Everything else just gets dumped and won’t clog up your phone. It’s like some sort of audio time machine. (iOS)

2. Postmates

So here’s the kicker, Postmates only works if you live in NY, San Fran, or Seattle. If you don’t, you can hop right on over to the next app. If you do, however, Postmates is a dream come true. Use the app and let the Postmates pick up your groceries, your dinner, or just about anything else from around town. If you’re super busy (or super lazy) it’s perfect. (iOS)

3. Bike Doctor

Instead of a bulky book of info on fixing up your two-wheeler, consider downloading Bike Doctor for your iPhone, Android device, or iPad. It’s loaded with step-by-step instructions on fixing random problems and it will give you the insight to know when damage is imminent. (iOS) (Android)

4. Pivo – Order a Beer

You get to a foreign country and you are all prepared to ask where you can find a bathroom or your hotel, but you probably forgot to learn perhaps the most important thing: How to order a beer. Pivo is here to help. The app can tell you how to request a breweski in 59 different languages and even includes video so you know you’re saying it right. (iOS)


IFTTT (If This Then That) will give you a whole new world of control when it comes to your smartphone. Simply plug in the different parts of the recipe/equation and you can create actions like “If I’m tagged in a Facebook photo save it to Dropbox.” There are tons of different recipes that can be concocted, and it’s totally worth delving into. (iOS)

6. Thunderspace

Plugging away at emails and send texts can get tiring, to relax, download Thunderspace. The app recreates the sounds of a passing storm to help you unwind after a long day. A nice little alternative to some white noise machine. (iOS)

7. Morning

If you have an iPad, Morning should be the first thing you check when you wake up. The app provides you with a stylish readout of all the basic info you need before you start your day. Customize it to include the weather, your stocks, the date, and much more. (iOS)

8. Limbo

Limbo is as much a work of art as it is a game. While we don’t spend much time on our phones playing games, the dark and beautiful Limbo is welcome addition to our app arsenal. (iOS)

9. Bounty Arms

You know that whole, ” … we don’t spend much time on our phones playing games . . .” thing, yeah, well here’s another exception. Bounty Arms takes graphics to another level in mobile gaming. The colorful 3D adventure game is so well-done that it’s a worthy time-waster. (iOS) (Android)

10. Zagat

Before Yelp handed over the reins to its users for determining the value of a restaurant, there was a service out there that already had it all in check. Now, with some of the shadiness that comes with letting users judge the quality of a place, might be a good time to check out Zagat’s app. It’s a work in progress but will hopefully one day become our go-to for restaurant recommendations. (iOS) (Android)


With their cozy sheets, blankets and candles, Brooklinen has more than taken care of all your needs in the bedroom–now they want to tackle the bathroom as well with their Super Plush Towels. After two years of testing textiles, Brooklinen has made towels that are strong, absorbent and luxuriously plush. With both traditional bath towel and larger bath sheet options–along with the requisite hand towels, washcloths and bath mat–you can deck out your entire bathroom in Brooklinen luxury without breaking the bank.