Whether it’s because of work or just a love of travel, if your dad is pond hopping and crossing time zones on a regular basis, consider a Father’s Day gift off this list. This is a collection of gear that makes those plane rides more bearable and those unpredictable climates easier to navigate. If your dad accrues airline miles like they are going out of style, these gifts should go over well on Father’s Day.


Mr. Lentz Passport Wallet

A passport wallet can bulk up faster than a weightlifter on juice. Because of this, Mr. Lentz keeps his passport wallet slim and simple. Each one is made by hand in the USA and holds a passport, 4 to 6 cards, airline tickets and other travel documents. Just the necessities. And thanks to the full-grain vegetable-tanned leather and solid brass rivets, it’s as durable as it is good looking.


Mophie Juice Pack H2Pro

When he’s traveling, the last thing dad wants is a dead phone battery. No juice and it can feel like you’re stranded overseas. The Mophie Juice Pack H2Pro provides him with more than 100% extra battery. Not only that, it’s waterproof, so if he goes dropping it in a puddle on a London street, he won’t have to worry.


Rhone Mako Shorts

Whether for the hotel gym or just for lounging when room service is on its way, dad will be happy he packed a pair of Rhone’s Mako 9” Shorts, which feature four-way stretch material for comfort at all times. If dad likes to get a run in even when he’s on business, he’ll be glad these shorts wick away moisture and offer a hidden pocket for him to keep his room key in.


Altimeter Table Clock

For the jet-setter with some down time, consider a table clock that will remind him of his love of travel. The Altimeter Table Clock gives a clear nod to the altitude meters located in old-school fighter jets. The aviation piece boasts retro good looks and will be a welcome change to the standard alarm clocks your dad finds in hotels around the world.


Tech Dopp Kit

With charging cables, headphone wires, and other loose electronics, dad’s carry-on can easily look like a bargain bin at RadioShack. Help him do something about it. This Tech Dopp Kit makes organization sexy, and it will help him keep all his gadgets at the ready when he tosses his bag in the overhead bin.



Misplacing luggage can turn any adventure into a nightmare. Help dad keep tabs on his bags and assorted gear with Tile. The tiny Bluetooth tracker attaches to his bag so he can find out where it is at all times. If he misplaces his phone, he can even use a Tile tracker to find out which seat cushion he dropped it in.


RAINS Waterproof Duffel

Travel to enough locations and you’ll find that there are certain places where it rains a lot. When dad finds himself in one of these locales, he’ll be happy this is the bag he’s carrying his important gear in. The RAINS Waterproof Duffel will keep his electronics, his clothes, and anything else he tosses in it sealed off from the elements.


Tumi Patrol Packable Travel Puffer Jacket

The key to packing is simplicity. Why bring two things when you can bring one? That’s the idea behind this jacket from Tumi. When not being worn to keep dad warm in brisk climates, the jacket folds down into a travel pillow so he can catch some zzz’s on the plane.


Rite in the Rain Centennial Bound Book

You come up with a million things you want to remember when you travel. Great meals. Surreal experiences.The time you ordered “a bathroom” as your dinner. Since these can pop up at any time, make sure dad’s prepared with one of these books from Rite in the Rain. Each allows him to jot something down even if he’s in the middle of a rain storm in Hawaii.



No matter how many continents he’s hit, how many islands he’s hopped, or how many borders he’s crossed, there’s one location that holds a special place in dad’s heart. No matter which city that happens to be, Grafomap will allow him to reminisce. Find out the city and send that info to Grafomap and they’ll send you a slick looking piece of wall art depicting that spot.


Jabra Move Wireless Headphones

When it comes to value, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better pair of headphones than these Jabras. They perform as well as cans that cost twice as much as they do. Not only are they affordable, but they provide crisp audio that’s rich and clear. Ideal for movies on the plane or a few tracks when he’s riding some far-off subway.


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