If your old man dresses well, stay away from the new ties and jumbo packs of plain white socks. Those gifts don’t go over well with the average guy, and they sure as hell don’t go over well with the dad who cares about his appearance. For the stylish father, consider something that, like his suits, fits him well.

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Nice Laundry Socks

Socks don’t have to be boring. In fact, the right pair can add just enough personality to an outfit to make it interesting. That’s exactly what Nice Laundry offers. You choose the pack that best fits your old man’s style and they’ll help refresh his sock drawer.


Panhandler Everyday Carry Tray

Provide dad with a stylish landing spot for all his gear when he gets in at night. The Panhandler Everyday Carry Tray, which is made in the USA by Hollows Leather, is composed of a single piece of leather that folds into an eye-catching valet. Perfect for his keys, wallet, watch, and other gear, the Panhandler Everyday Carry Tray even comes apart for easy storage when not in use.


Criquet Players Shirt

This Father’s Day, give dad the shirt that will keep him looking good on and off the course. The Players Shirt from Criquet is designed to be super soft and, unlike other polos, it boasts a collar that stays crisp. Whether teeing off or kicking back on the deck, it will be his go-to summer shirt.


MVMT 40 Series Watch

Buying dad a watch is a tricky proposition. With so many wild, bulky styles out there, it can be hard to find a timepiece that will work with your old man’s classic style. Luckily, the 40 Series from MVMT is filled with 12 timepieces that are sleek, minimal, and as timeless as his crisp button-down.


Glerups Slip-Ons

Glerups Slip-Ons are a Scandinavian secret no more. The popular house shoes have made their way stateside and are ready to become your dad’s go-to indoor footwear option. Handmade from 100% natural Merino and Gotland wool, the slip-ons are as comfortable as anything pops has ever tossed on his feet.


Hudson Made Scullery Soap

Scullery soap was a staple in working class kitchens and homes in the Middle Ages. It’s a simple soap designed to do nothing more than seriously clean hard-working hands. Hudson Made’s Scullery Soap, which is made from mineral salt, natural beeswax, and other fine ingredients, is an ode to the classic soap, and it will be ready to help dad clean up after he preps some meat or finishes in the garage.


Tanner Goods Eyeglass Case

The plastic, branded eyeglass case that came with your dad’s eyewear is better viewed with poor vision. For something a bit more pleasing to the eyes, give dad this Eyeglass Case from the guys at Tanner Goods. Inspired by a ‘60s US Army standard-issue case, this simple, functional case is crafted from 5.5 oz. vegetable-tanned Meridian English bridle leather. It will be a welcome new home for his shades or eyeglasses.


Craighill Stash Box

The stylish man carefully selects all of his items down to the smallest of knick-knacks. And when it comes to storing those items, the dapper dad isn’t exactly looking for an old shoebox. The Craighill Stash Box, crafted from American vegetable-tanned leather, allows pops a more durable and more attractive option.


Filson Tote Bag with Zipper

The tote has once again become the simple bag of choice for style conscious guys. Problem is, most look like they were freebies from your local grocery store. For a better tote, turn to one of America’s most legendary bag companies, Filson. Their Tote Bag with Zipper is water-repellent, abrasion-resistant, and reinforced to handle dad’s heavier gear.


Ray-Ban Clubround

Ray-Ban was founded in the 1930s, which means there’s a good chance your dad owned a pair back in the day. Instead of giving him the same exact model he used to wear, give him one with just a dash of freshness. The Clubround, which is the latest model from Ray-Ban, is the result of combining the Clubmaster and the Round style the brand has crafted for years. By doing this, they’ve introduced a new frame that’s both classic and fresh at the same time. A bit of nostalgia and a great pair of shades.


The Davek Solo Umbrella

Don’t think an umbrella can impress as a gift? You haven’t given anyone the Davek Solo. This is the umbrella. Featuring the Davek WindFibre Frame System, the sleek umbrella opens and closes with the push of a button, stands up to intense winds, and boasts 190 thread count fabric to offer maximum protection. And when dad is teeing off, the anchor spike allows him to dig the umbrella into the turf without it blowing away.

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