Whether it’s a post-work cocktail, a weekend beer on the deck, or a couple of fingers of the good stuff, if your old man enjoys an adult beverage now and again, we’ve got you covered in the gift department. Let him pick the booze; we’ll help pick your gift.

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Coleman Steel-Belted Cooler

When it comes to outdoor durability and reliability, we trust a brand like Coleman. Now they’ve applied those same standards of craftsmanship to protecting one of dad’s most important possessions—his beers. With an 85 can capacity, the steel-belted cooler will allow dad to take plenty of brews out back for his next cookout, to the stadium for his next tailgate, or to the beach or campsite.


Fish Flask

The next time you and your old man spend a day trying to reel in fish, make this the flask he takes a few nips from. The Fish Flask adds just a bit of whimsy to his imbibing and is perfect for tossing in a tackle box.


Pop Chart Lab Whiskey Products

The charting wizards at Pop Chart Lab have gifts that are ideal for the dad who enjoys a fingers of good whiskey. Whether you choose the Many Varieties of Whiskey print, the Many Varieties of Whiskey wood engraving, or their Whiskey Glasses Set, you can give dad a bit of boozy knowledge this Father’s Day. Pop Chart Lab distills whiskey info down into easy-to-read, eye-catching designs that dad can study while he sips his Macallan.


Vinyl Me, Please

Whether relaxing after a long day or celebrating the weekend, nothing compliments dad’s pour of choice like the right soundtrack. So give the gift of great records every month with a subscription to Vinyl Me, Please. Their gift subscription even includes 1-3 bonus records to wrap up in time for Father’s Day.


Matterhorn Glasses

For the outdoorsy dad with a taste for the finest bourbons or scotches, consider a pair of these Matterhorn Glasses for him to swirl the good stuff around in. Each of the tumblers has a model of the Matterhorn protruding from the bottom. If his long day feels like he climbed a mountain, this is the glass he’ll want to unwind with.



If he often likes to mix up a rum and Coke or a 7 and 7, that soda bill can get out of hand. The SodaStream allows him to transform ordinary tap water into his bubbly mixer in less than 30 seconds. Whether he drinks his freshly made 2-liter bottle with booze or without, it will be a welcome addition to his countertop.


Onyx Stainless-Steel Ice Cube Tray

This ice cube tray harks back to a time when men poured a drink or two at the office from the bar cart they kept next to their desk. Adopting a ‘50s design, the Onyx Stainless-Steel Ice Cube Tray quickly makes 18 cubes to help chill dad’s beverage of choice—even if he isn’t enjoying it at the office.


Bourbon Empire

Few things pair better with a sweet bourbon like a cigar and a book. Let pops handle the stogie; you give him the book. Bourbon Empire: The Past and Future of America’s Whiskey is a patriotic tale of our national booze. Lucky for dear old dad, the story of bourbon’s rise is as enthralling as the latest page-turner from Dean Koontz.


Kinkajou Bottle Cutter

After dad drains his freshest 6-pack, the Kinkajou Bottle Cutter allows him to turn those empty 12-ouncers into a new set of glasses. The device can cut bottles ranging from 43mm to 102mm, so he can create new drinking vessels out of almost any booze he consumes.


Moscow Mule Scented Candle in Copper Mug

If dad likes to mix up a Moscow Mule on occasion, consider giving him a candle that also matches his tastes. Each candle delivers the same lime, mint, and ginger goodness that his favorite refreshing beverage does. And just like that beverage, each candle comes in a copper mug to complete the experience. Made and hand poured in the USA, each can be lit on a warm summer day to remind him he should go pick up a few limes.


Ico Bottle Opener

Now here’s a bottle opener he won’t want to stash in a kitchen drawer. The Ico Bottle Opener looks like a piece of art when resting on a shelf or even dad’s home bar, but it can be called to duty whenever he needs to crack a bottle. Made of 3D printed bronze, each is far better than any cheap opener he may be currently using.


Klean Kanteen Insulated Growler

If dad prefers his beer fresh, maybe a growler is just what the beer doctor ordered. And when it comes to keeping that beer cold, no growler outperforms this insulated one from Klean Kanteen. If he likes to take that fresh beer camping or into the great outdoors, even better. Maybe fill it with something he loves before giving it to him for a few added points.


The Bartender’s Knife

Peeling, slicing, and picking cocktail accoutrements is the name of the game when it comes to The Bartender’s Knife. A welcome addition to any home bar, the multi-purpose blade, which is accented by a stunning hardwood handle, will be dad’s go-to tool for crafting a fine beverage.


Soft Aerating Pourers

If dad’s drink of choice is a fine Cabernet to pair with his steak, consider these affordable and clever Soft Aerating Pourers. When he slips one onto a bottle of vino, it not only prevents spills and drips, but the unique design actually aerates the wine to open up the flavors and aroma.

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