It becomes easier as the years go by to allow style to be less of a factor in your life. Maybe you’ve settled down, found a comfortable job, and no longer feel the desire to impress. For the father who fights these urges sparkly tooth and finely trimmed nail, get him a gift from this list this Father’s Day. This is the Father’s Day gift guide for the dapper dad, the dad who knows looking good is not just about impressing others.


Allbirds Wool Loungers

Rarely are shoes all that versatile. Lounging in dress shoes is ridiculous and dressing up with a pair of trainers looks immature. That’s why we’re big fans of these wool loungers from Allbirds. Not only does the soft, comfortable build make them ideal for kicking your feet up, but that smart silhouette also makes them appropriate to wear with a work outfit. Available in gray and black, along with a couple of limited edition colors that are a bit more attention-grabbing, the Wool Loungers are going to be dad’s new favorite pair of shoes/slippers.


Bellroy Card Slip - Designers Edition

Bellroy has been making fine leather goods for some time now, but with the release of the Designers Collection they’ve completely upped their game. This is the card wallet your old man will appreciate showing off when he reaches for the check with some clients or friends. Stunning European leather was used in its construction, and each fits a bit of cash and up to 6 cards. And since it’s backed by Bellroy’s 3 year warranty, you can imagine this thing is tough as nails.


PF Flyers x Todd Snyder Rambler Lo

As we get older, we struggle with holding on to the carefree style of our youth while mixing in the look of a polished professional. Give dad the happy medium this Father’s Day with a pair of PF Flyers x Todd Snyder Rambler Lo sneakers. It’s a collaboration between two American originals, as the iconic PF Flyers model gets a luxurious upgrade at the hands of Todd Snyder. What upgrades? How about lambskin leather lining, rich suede, folded edge and closed seam construction, and flat waxed cotton laces? It’s vintage sportswear meets modern refinement—and dad will love it.


Rhone Commuter Pant

Made from luxury Japanese stretch fabric, the Rhone Commuter Pant is the first pair of work pants dad will actually look forward to putting on. Designed for those who catch trains or hop on a bike to head to work, the Commuter Pant stretches around the knees for increased mobility and features a crotch gusset for comfort during long meetings. The pants also feature a security zipper back pocket and a media pocket for dad’s phone. Smart, comfortable, and ready to help conquer dad’s daily grind in style.


Boie USA Toothbrush Black

A man’s dopp kit is his only defense against awful hygiene when traveling. Help pops choose some attractive items to drop in his dopp. For pearly whites, go jet black. The Boie USA Toothbrush in black is a brush with silver embedded in the bristles to help kill bacteria. It will help keep his mouth fresh while looking good in the process. Whether he needs to freshen up after a snooze on the flight or before hitting the hay back home, these are the bristles he’s looking for.


Betabrand Sitting-Pocket Sweatpants

If there’s one thing The Sharper Image and Brookstone have taught us over the years, it’s that every father appreciates ingenuity. For the stylish dad, that can come in the form of these loungers from Betabrand. The Sitting-Pocket Sweatpants, as the name suggests, are designed for relaxing without fear of a wallet or phone slipping out. By flipping the opening on the side pockets, Betabrand has created a pair of stylish sweats for lazy Sundays and comfortable evenings.


The 1906 Gents Pure Badger Birdseye Maple Shaving Brush

Shaving is a timeless ritual that deserves more than a grocery store cannister and a vibrating, 8-blade razor. Help dad reclaim some of the tradition with this Pure Badger Birdseye Maple Shaving Brush from The 1906 Gents. The 100% pure badger bristles are firm and ideal for applying a good shaving soap, like the Bawl tins that the company also offers.


Hudson Made Morning Shift Liquid Body Wash

We’ve long been fans of Hudson Made’s Morning Shift Body Bar. Peppermint and rosemary mix to wake you better than a cup of coffee. That said, we’re not naive to the fact that a bar of soap is a relic from another time, as liquid body washes are pretty much staples these days. Hudson Made must have thought the same since they just made a liquid soap version of their classic bar. This is the stuff that will jumpstart dad’s day, and any well-put-together guy knows that the best outfit can’t save you if you’ve got B.O. and some bags under your eyes.


Concrete Valet Tray

The stylish man doesn’t just clad himself in fine goods; he fills his house with them. For a bit of stylish organization for his phone, wallet, keys, and loose change, wrap up a Concrete Valet Tray. Made from real concrete, the simple EDC holster offers playful images to help pops figure out what to leave where. Designed in Barcelona, the Concrete Valet Tray is dad’s new industrial catch-all.


Ursa Major No B.S. Deodorant

Simple. Effective. Useful. These are qualities dad prizes, which means you just stumbled upon his new favorite deodorant. Too many grocery store brands make dad smell like he just sprayed himself with some cologne. Ursa Major No B.S. Deodorant won’t. No B.S. Deodorant eliminates odor-causing bacteria while offering 24-hour unscented protection. And unlike most of the deodorants from big name brands, Ursa Major’s No B.S. Deodorant is free of baking soda, fragrance, aluminum, and toxins.


Apolis Black Indigo Wool Chore Jacket

If you are going to by clothing for dad, go timeless. Often times a man reaches an age where he becomes impervious to trends and sticks with what works. This jacket works. Apolis made this chore jacket (a cross between a coat and a button down shirt) in Los Angeles out of fine Italian wool. Over-dyed to be a shade of black, the Black Indigo Wool Chore Coat works in just about any setting and is ideal between seasons.


Olivina Bourbon Cedar Cologne

Here’s what we know about gifting perfumes and colognes: It’s really tough. Here’s what we also know: It’s damn tough to go wrong with bourbon and cedar. If you want to give dad something that’s not Drakkar Noir (always a good idea), go with Olivina Bourbon Cedar Cologne. A natural, essential oil based fragrance, Bourbon Cedar Cologne is inspired by the distilling process, and more precisely, the barrel-aging that goes on before bourbon gets poured into a bottle. That means you’ll find wood notes and a smoky vanilla finish. It’s a far better option than dumping some Pappy on pop’s head.


PDW Rapide Field Short

When it comes to clothing, flashy is never the direction to go when you’re giving a gift. Instead, lean well-thought-out. That’s why we’re giving a vote of confidence to these shorts from Prometheus Design Werx. Designed for the outdoors, the Rapide Field Short has a ridiculous 13 pockets for all of dad’s gear. Yes, thirteen. But here’s what’s great: they’re so low key that they don’t kill the tailored look. PDW delta rings allow pops to clip on keys or small gear, and a horse shoe gusset allows for freedom of movement. If dad appreciates clever, clean design (he does), these are the shorts to give him this Father’s Day.


Oak Street Bootmakers Fine Footwear Care Kit

Even the finest dress shoes succumb to the terrors of time. If dad isn’t handling the upkeep his footwear requires, consider giving him this set from Oak Street Bootmakers. The shoe care kit includes aromatic cedar shoe trees, a Brazilian horsehair brush, and Horween-recommended Venetian shoe cream. All he has to do is follow the included directions and his good shoes will remain good shoes for years to come.