For the dad who’s always putting in the hours at the office, whether that’s somewhere else or in a room in your home, grab him a Father’s Day gift from this guide. Loaded with work-related gear, this is the gift guide for the father who punches the clock before the sun comes up. If your old man brings paperwork on vacation, answers emails while watching House of Cards, and is generally driven by a successful career, you’ve come to the right place.


Native Union Cosmos Cables

Cables are unsightly. They dangle from electronics and knot like it’s their sole job. They also wear faster than the devices they help power. It’s time to help dad do something about this. Native Union’s Cosmos Cable Collection is inspired by the knit footwear craze that’s come courtesy of adidas and Nike. Featuring a flecked effect, these ultra strong cables look good protruding from a laptop or smartphone. Gift dad the whole collection and revamp his cable game.


Dripo Portable Cold Brew Maker

Coffee is the fuel that powers the working world. For our money, few cups of joe are better than cold brew. Instead of letting dad pick up cup after cup at his local coffee shop, gift him the Dripo. Dripo is a slow-drip cold brew brewer that your dad can pack for use at the office. The little brewer extracts coffee’s natural aromatic flavors without delivering the bitterness that comes from certain oils and acids. That means a highly drinkable cup of energy every time dad needs an afternoon pick-me-up.


Ministry of Supply Smarter Dress Socks

Not all dress socks are created equal. Prove that to your old man with these Smarter Dress Socks from Ministry of Supply this Father’s Day. Available in a number of different styles, the dress socks wick sweat, breathe, absorb odor, and provide next level cushioning. In other words, they’re far superior to whatever he’s wearing to the office right now. Better yet, you can save 15% on your first purchase with code ministry4coolmaterialQ2 at checkout. If dad’s dogs are barking after a long day, give him some relief with a pair of Smarter Dress Socks.


The Ridge Wallet

The last thing dad wants when he’s reaching for the check with some clients is revealing an overstuffed wallet with receipts jutting out like shark fins. Help your old man out with The Ridge Wallet, a modern, slim front pocket wallet that holds up to 12 cards without stretching. Choose from e money clip or cash strap and dad will have an RFID blocking wallet that will stand up to abuse. The Ridge reevaluates dad’s everyday carry and gets rid of the bulk.


The Tin Mill Helic Copper Plated Pen

The right pen can last a lifetime of paperwork. If dad still relies on Bics and other convenience store writing devices, perhaps give him something a little more durable, a little more attractive this Father’s Day. The Tin Mill has just the item, as Helic boasts a bolt action mechanism and copper plated stainless steel construction. Able to accept the extremely popular Pilot G2 Gel refills, Helic is a writing instrument dad will be excited to break out at his next meeting.


DSPTCH Gym/Work Bag

Fitting in time for the gym with a busy work schedule is the challenge of any health-conscious professional. When time is of the essence, your old man will be happy he relies on this bag from DSPTCH. Designed to effortlessly transition between the gym and the office, the bag handles a laptop, paperwork, and other work essentials, but also boasts a ventilated shoe compartment, mesh pockets, and a moisture-resistant nylon packcloth. When dad needs to use his lunch break for a quick sweat, this is the workbag he’ll be happy to have. A leather messenger doesn’t handle smelly clothes all that well.


Savage Supply Leather MacBook Portfolio

Between his laptop, notepads, pens and pencils, and other assorted necessities, the amount of work gear dad totes around can be cumbersome. Give pops the gift of organization this Father’s Day with this leather portfolio from Savage Supply. Crafted from stunning cowhide leather, the organizer is capable of handling a MacBook Air or Pro, a notebook, documents, a mobile phone, a collection of business cards, earphones, pens, and more. It’s basically a mobile office. And it looks damn good.


Hideez Key

This digital life requires a lot of passwords. Help dad make signing into all those accounts a tad easier with Hideez Key. We all know complex passwords are better, but our human brains can’t handle a string of random letters, numbers, and symbols. Hideez Key gives dad a portable vault for his passwords, one that automatically enters his passwords so he doesn’t have to remember them. That’s really just scratching the surface of what Hideez Key can do. There’s also a theft alarm, a one-time password generator, a touch guard that will snap a picture of anyone messing with your phone, and more.


The Journal Planner

We rely on our phones for lots of things, but when it comes to our most important reminders, we still feel uneasy putting our faith in something with battery life. That’s why we’re fans of The Journal Planner, a 206-page organizer that handles lists, a calendar, and more. The off-white pages, thin typeface, and markings give The Journal Planner a retro feel, which is exactly what dad will wish for when he drops his phone and can’t access his calendar or Notes app.


Kotobuki Traditional Japanese Scissors

Dad may have the newest computer, state-of-the-art speakers, and an ergonomic chair, but there are smaller work items he may not have upgraded yet. Our suggestion? Find one of these and do it for him. For just $10, you can give him a far more interesting pair of scissors than the ones in his desk drawer. These Kotobuki Traditional Japanese Scissors are made from a single piece of carbon steel and can handle office-related tasks for years to come in style.


Cantili Tape Dispenser

Beyond Object takes boring items and gives them a fresh new spin. Case in point, this Cantili Tape Dispenser. Allow dad to toss the Scotch rolls or clunky desk accessory in favor of something modern and fitting of a corner office. Abstract and consisting of concave circles, the sleek tape dispenser can be used with one hand and will launch a thousand conversations when pops brings someone in for a meeting.


Stealth Pen

Gifting a nice pen is move we can get behind. Why? Well, a good pen will last years, and every time pops uses it he’ll be reminded of you. That’s why we’re including a second pen in this gift guide, albeit one very different from the former. The Stealth Pen is unique. It consists of just four parts and looks fairly futuristic. That futuristic design is meant to allow multiple different ways of holding the Stealth Pen. Dad won’t be able to put it down once he gets his mitts on it.


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