With cable, Netflix, and internet options, finding the best thing to watch during your downtime is difficult. Instead of flipping through menus all weekend and settling on nothing, turn to What to Watch This Weekend, a series in which we give you our pick for the best new show or movie available.

The Marvel catalog from Netflix is hit or miss. When it misses (Iron Fist), it really misses. But when it hits, like it did with the first season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones, it offers a superhero show with a real-world grittiness and approach we enjoy. This weekend, Marvel will try to do it again, as Jessica Jones returns to the screen still reeling from the insanity of Season 1. We’re told this season is “more personal than ever before” (whatever that means). We’ll wait and see how the best character, Killgrave, finds his way into this one, as David Tennant is on the cast list for this season as well. Prepare for a weekend binge. Link


We’re sick of the quarantine beard, so we’re going clean shaven again. We’re doing it with a Henson razor. Precision-machined out of aluminum by a boutique aerospace manufacturer, this razor feels and works better than anything else on the market. It presents the blade at such a precise angle you can barely feel the shave. It’s uncanny. Most guys (and gals, they have a women’s razor) prefer drugstore cartridge razors because they’re plug ‘n play. Honestly, the Henson design ensures perfect positioning every time, and it’s cheaper and better for the environment long-term. Switch today.