If you're on the lookout for the latest investment opportunities, throwing your hat in the ring with all the billionaires never seems to be a bad idea. Enter Arrived. Backed by like the likes of Jeff Bezos, Marc Benioff, Spencer Rascoff and many other high-profile investors, Arrived is the ultimate real estate investing app. By offering fractional shares (anywhere from $100 to $50K+ per property) on long-term rentals, vacation rentals, and the like, you can get in on real estate investments that are SEC-qualified and expert-curated (only 0.2% get past Arrived's strict vetting process). Become

MSCHF recently set the internet ablaze with the release of their outlandish Big Red Boots. The tech and style brand’s latest project is Hot Chat 3000, an AOL-style chat service that uses AI technology. The…


Ricoh cameras hold a certain retro appeal among photography enthusiasts. The simple construction and point-and-shoot nature made them solid mid-range film cameras and, in the early days of digital cameras, a desirable purchase. Now, getting…


Audio tech company Nothing has revitalized its impressive earbuds with the release of the Ear (2). The Nothing Ear (2) allows the user to customize their sonic experience with a Personal Sound Profile that adjusts…

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