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Tovala Meal in front of oven_Credit Audrey Ma (1)
Christmas has finally come and gone. All that celebrating was well deserved, but it is time to focus on getting time back for yourself in 2022. That's where the Tovala Smart Oven comes in. Their smart oven and chef-crafted meals work together so you can enjoy a delicious, home-cooked meal at the touch of a button--without any of the heavy lifting. Pick and choose your favorite meals and Tovala makes it easier than ever to skip your meal prep. Get your Tovala Smart Oven here.

Whether it’s a weekend jaunt, an overseas business trip, or a weeklong vacation, the Traveler is always in need of solid, portable accessories. Instead of another neck pillow, consider one of these options.


Guys and gadgets. It’s a pairing on the level of peanut butter and jelly. When you can’t think up a gift idea, a hot piece of tech is sure to go over well. Of course,…


When it comes to your everyday carry, we like to think the Cool Material Shop can fill every pocket with an item that will last a lifetime. We only stock EDC pieces we love and…


It’s no surprise that your wallet comes out of the holidays looking like Rocky after a fight with Ivan Drago. The damn thing takes a beating with all the cash you’re dropping on gifts. While…