No matter what kind of ride you roll in, you gots to pimp that shiznit… yeah even if it’s a bicycle. Don’t think it can be done? Then check these 14 Pimped out Bikes.

Pimp My Ride

Truly inspired by Pimp My Ride, this bike is complete with a tv screen and radio mounted to the handle bars. The frame is bright blue with painted white flames and the back features purple and white crushed velvet that no pimp can do without.

Couch Bike

There may not be any fancy bling or velvet, but you have to admit that the couch bike is pretty pimp. Just sit back and find some ladies to pedal you around town while you just chill.

West Side Pimpmobile

There’s no doubt as to where your alliance falls with the West Side Pimpmobile. The bold WS lettering on the front and blue and silver details would make you look pretty tough if it weren’t for the fact that you’re ten.

The Soul Cycle

Two long years and $6000 can get you a pretty pimp bicycle—just ask Paul Freedman, the designer of the Soul Cycle. The bike shows off custom a fiberglass sub woofer and speaker cabinet with controls on the front that let you control your tracks, volume and lighting. The elaborate bike even includes a passenger seat and a wireless bike so you can ride around with your very own freestylin’ MC.

Swarovski-Studded Low Rider

You might think a cool paint job and some nice rims will make your bike look hot, but you’d be quite mistaken. The Swarovski-Studded Low Rider is the most bling’d out bicycle ever made with almost 110,000 swarovski crystals covering every inch of the frame and wheels.

Barrio Dreams Custom Low Rider Bike

If a bike had teeth this one’s would be all gold.The 24 kt gold plated rims and gold seat contrast the bright blue jewel encrusted frame. You really have to try to make something this tacky and over the top.


You can pretty much rule out going green with a bike that has to have it’s own battery—not to make it go, but the power the giant speaker system stuck to it. The Basszilla features an 8 speaker set up and a DVD touch screen control up front. This bike takes the idea of spending more on your speaker system than your vehicle to a new low.

Cash Money

It really begs the question if you’re spending too much on your bike. The Cash Money Bike features so much money imagery with large green dollar signs and lots of gold accents that would bring a hoe to her knees at the sight of it (so to speak).

Dragon Bike

This giant metal monster just barely fits into the category of bicycle. As far as we can tell it’s got 2 wheels and runs off of human power so we think it counts. We can’t imagine how many geeks sacrificed LARP and World of Warcraft time in order to make this, but it seems it was worth the effort to create this bad-ass Dragon Bike.

Motorcycled Inspired Bicycle

At first glance the body and details on this bike makes it look more like a motorcycle than an ordinary bicycle, but looks can be deceiving. The painted flames and chrome handlebars really add to the illusion, but you’re not gonna fool anyone with a top speed of 20mph.

Straight Clowning Low Rider

You can tell from the attention to detail in the Straight Clowning Low Rider that the designer of the bike was dead serious when they built the bike. The engraved rims with twisted spokes, purple velor banana seat, spotless white tires and detailed airbrush job come together to create one of the most detailed and intricate custom bikes ever made.

Pulse Jet Powered Bike

When you add a pulse jet to your bike, can you really even call it a bike any more? Robert Maddux breaks all the rules by sticking a kerosene fueled engine to his bike and topping off at 75 mph. If you need to get somewhere fast and don’t need your ear drums any more than this is obviously the best way to travel.

Pimp My Bike

You can almost smell money when you spot this green and gold pimped out bike. The seat is covered with a matching green zebra print that just oozes pimp juice. The white sided tires instill imagines of black and white wing tipped shoes the guy who would ride this bike must wear.

Spinning Wheel Lowriders

Just like Riley on the Boondocks, you too can have spinning rims on your bicycle, of course making it seem like it’s going faster. We’ve seen this feature on low-rider cars for years, so why not right?

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