Few things ease holiday stress like a stiff drink. You handle figuring out the beverage of their choice; we’ll round out that gift with something that will last a bit longer than a bottle of the good stuff. This guide is filled with our favorite drink-related products from the past year or so.


Denver & Liely Bourbon Glass

Fine bourbon deserves an equally fine glass. Forget the standard tumbler and gift someone the Bourbon Glass, a glass built to deliver the experience distillers want you to have with their spirit.


Serpent Bottle Opener Keychain

Every beer lover should own one nice bottle opener. If they still rely on the freebie from dollar beer night, consider the Serpent Bottle Opener Keychain, which looks slick and lasts for a lifetime of rounds.


Oris Aquis Date Watch

Oris has been making mechanical watches in Hölstein, Switzerland, for over a century. Focused on the four tenets of culture, diving, aviation and motorsport, Oris watches are made for everyday wear and offer functional designs and useful complications. The independently owned and operated Swiss watch company makes some of the finest watches for the money. And the Oris Aquis Date is the perfect example of everything the brand stands for. This watch doesn’t compromise on style or durability, which makes it at home in the urban jungle or deep beneath the waves.


Batch Bottles

These clever bottles make it easy to whip up big batches of popular cocktails. Each 750ml glass has markings for how much of each ingredient is necessary, allowing someone to always keep their favorite mixed drink at the ready.


Pelican Elite Cooler

If they still rely on a busted-up Igloo cooler from decades ago, consider giving them a cooler upgrade this holiday season by way of this burly Pelican. The insulated cooler is built for extreme ice retention, and it’s outfitted with a bottle opener, self-draining cup holders, and non-skid rubber feet.


Probably Beer Mug

Help them stop beating around the bush at the office. Everyone knows they’re not sipping coffee out of their mug, so get them a vessel that makes them proud of their passion for good beer.



This gorgeous contraption allows anyone to distill their own spirits safely and in the comfort of their own home. It even allows for oil and food infusions to create unique new drinks.


Rabbit Compact Bar Tools

These flat bar tools are small but mighty. Easy to toss in a bag so they can whip up a drink anywhere they go. Each includes a strainer, citrus zester, bottle opener, stirring stick, jigger and bar knife.


3-Ingredient Cocktails

Most people don’t want to put in the legwork to create a complicated drink at home. No problem. Tons of great cocktails require only three ingredients. This book will prove it.


Breville Sommelier

This is only for the most fanatical wine enthusiast. The Sommelier from Breville decants a bottle of wine in a fraction of the time it normally takes. Instead of waiting an hour for the bouquet to open up, The Sommelier elevates a bold red in just one minute.


OXO Steel Press & Pour Shaker

The clever design of this shaker allows you to mix and pour without the mess. Simply add the ingredients, give it a shake, and press the button to pour a glorious, freshly mixed cocktail.


Crafthouse Smoke Box and Smoking Gun

Know someone who digs the more innovative cocktails some trendy cocktail bars offer? Gift them the ability to do a little of that at home courtesy of the Crafthouse Smoke Box and Smoking Gun, a kit that let’s them add a smoky note to every old fashioned they craft.