The Cool Material Shop is loaded with great holiday gifts. How do we know? We hand-selected every item we stock because we love each and every one of them. We think the people on your list will love them too. Of course, if we had to, we’d say these are the best of the best this year, the items we think will win you a few brownie points after the presents are unwrapped. Here are the best gifts for men from the Cool Material Shop


Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack

A backpack with hidden zippers and concealed pockets so nobody can swipe any of the gear inside.


The Switchboard

With 25 wood hooks that fold down when you need to hang a jacket, bag, or umbrella, The Switchboard is a contemporary version of the classic coat rack.


Beacon Lanterns

With a rechargeable battery and a 200-hour runtime, this lantern easily outperforms old ones you needed matches for.


Shit I Gotta Get Done Notepads

For your endless to-do list, there’s this pad that echos your feelings every time you jot down a new task.


Pappy Van Winkle Hot Sauce

This hot sauce is actually aged in Pappy Van Winkle barrels, so you get a little bit of the most legendary bourbon in your life one spicy bite at a time.


Swear Jar

For the family of potty-mouths, consider the Swear Jar so they can collect funds every time they decide to go French.


Scrimshaw Pocket Knife Kit

The natural bone handle on this pocket knife allows you to practice scrimshaw, a type of art that originated with sailors in the late 1700s.


Match Striker

Keep your matches in the Match Striker and use the unglazed upper ring to light them whenever you need.


The Decision Coin

For all of those impossible decisions in life, the Decision Coin will be at the ready to help you plan your course of action.


Bourbon Barrel BBQ Sauce

A delicious barbecue sauce that is aided in depth of flavor by notes of spent bourbon barrels.


Retro Video Game Puzzle

A 1,000 piece puzzle that you’ll want to frame as soon as you complete it.


Glaze Wooden Matchbox

A refined matchbox handmade from stunning walnut wood, complete with striking pad and matches.


Beast 28 Backpack

The adventure backpack you can easily toss in a suitcase or larger bag.


Melinda’s Chipotle Ketchup

All-natural ketchup accented by an addition of chipotle peppers.


The Kaufmann Mercantile Guide: How to Split Wood, Shuck an Oyster, and Master Other Simple Pleasures

This 228-page book is an instruction manual to all of life’s little joys, from smoking meats to reading the night sky.


MWC U.S. Military Pattern Wall Clock

This clock was originally designed to hang in mess halls on military bases, but it can now adorn the wall in your office or living room.


Fidget Spinner Pocket Knife

When the blade is out, this is a razor-sharp cutting device. When the blade is tucked away, it’s an addictive fidget spinner that will help pass the time.


Bourbon Barrel-Aged Worcestershire Sauce

The classic Worcestershire Sauce is kicked up a notch after spending time in spent bourbon barrels.


50 Things To Do With a Penknife

Included in this guidebook are 50 different whittling projects to take your knife game to the next level.


Gerber Pocket Square Knife

A razor-sharp pocket knife as elegant as the timeless pocket square.


Military-Style Metal Stash Boxes

Simple yet durable storage vessels that look plucked from an army barracks.


The 1911 Rubber Band Gun

Modeled after the handgun used in Europe during WWII, this is not your average rubber band gun.