If you use something every day, it stands to reason it’s fairly important to you. That’s why our everyday carry is littered with supreme quality and timeless style. If you want to give someone a little bit of that this year, we recommend shopping from this men’s gift guide. These are the best EDC gifts worth giving this holiday season.


The Muncher

For impromptu meals and campfire cuisine, have the Muncher at the ready. Built from solid titanium, The Muncher not only assists when it’s time to chow down, but also around the campsite, as it’s fitted with a cord cutter, box cutter, pry bar, ferro fire flint, and more.


Pioneer Wallet

Pioneer makes slim wallets as durable as thick wallets. That’s thanks to the 10XD ripstop fabric, reinforcement bartacks, and waterproof exterior. That ripstop fabric used is ten times stronger than steel, so you can bet this wallet will be carried around for quite a long time.


Fidget Spinner Pocket Knife

When the AUS8 Japanese steel blade is out, this pocket knife is a durable tool. Use it to slice boxes and cut heavy rope. When that blade is put away, it’s time to play, as the Fidget Spinner Pocket Knife transforms into an addictive fidget spinner that will help pass the time until the next box arrives that you need to open.


Beertop Delta

Part spinning top and part bottle opener, the Beertop Delta is both a toy and a tool. Built from titanium, the durable little number can assist and entertain as you work your way through a couple brews.


Trench Lighter

The Trench Lighter is a fully functioning lighter modeled after the ones used in the First World War. Trench Lighters needed to protect the flame in windy conditions, so a protector slides up when it’s in use. It’s a bit of military history for someone’s EDC and it’s far cooler than any Bic they bought at the gas station.


Black Legion Covert Pocket Knife

This minuscule blade is easy to tote around and just as dependable as knives far bigger. That’s good news for someone who carries a lot of gear on the daily. At just 2 ¼” closed, the Black Legion Cover Pocket Knife slips easily into a bag or pocket and even comes with a clip to slide it onto a belt.


Grovemade Pocket Knife

Grovemade has a way of bringing style and sophistication to otherwise utilitarian objects. Case in point, the brand’s new Pocket Knife, which is inspired by the Japanese Higonokami. The simple pocket folder is available with a variety of different handles, including a few different wood options, and is completely made in the USA. It’s a contemporary spin on a classic design.


INGEAR autoXscape

Toss the INGEAR autoXscape into a car and the person you’re giving it to will never have to worry about certain disasters again. That’s because the super tool boasts a flashlight, window breaker, and a seatbelt cutter. 


RRL Aluminum Card Case

This business card holder boasts an old military vibe, and it will grab attention wherever they go. Part of Ralph Lauren’s uber-cool RRL line, the Aluminum Card Case boasts a leather lined interior and a rough, unfinished aluminum exterior. They might actually look forward to networking.


SOG Baton Q2

A simple and easy to transport tool, the SOG Baton Q2 is perfect for the urban adventurer. The slim baton packs a blade, 75 lumen LED flashlight, bottle opener, and screwdriver, basic tools anyone would benefit from having on them 24/7. The sleek profile means it won’t take up much space in a backpack or other travel bag.


Vital Carry Key-Bit

How many times has a project popped up unexpectedly that calls for a screwdriver? If you’re like us, quite a lot. That’s why we’re fans of Key-Bit. The pint-sized device attaches to a keyring and gives you a Phillips hex bit at a moment’s notice. The Phillips can be swapped out for a flathead or other bit, but the assistance is the same.