Selecting the right bottle of booze or the perfect 6-pack is something only you can do. Find out what the person likes and track it down. Of course, tossing in a little something extra really rounds out the gift and takes it from “I was at the liquor store and realized I didn’t have a gift for you” to a well-thought-out present that will earn some point. Here are the best drink gifts for men you can give this holiday.


Against All Hops (George Heilshorn)

Have a homebrewer on your list? Perfect. <i>Against All Hops</i> is one of the most exciting homebrewing books in recent memory. What makes it unique? It tackles botanical beers brewed throughout history and then gives the reader the knowledge to recreate those interesting and often forgotten beers at home.


Simple Syrup Company Syrups

Elevating homemade cocktails to mixologist level might take a little know-how, sure. But what really separates quality mixed drinks from frat house jungle juice is the right ingredients. Give them some of those right ingredients with Simple Syrup Company syrups. With unique flavors like pomegranate, orange vanilla, and rose, they’ll make insanely good cocktails in the comfort of their own home.


Tom Dixon Tank Decanter Set

[Partner]  There’s no better way to end an evening than a nightcap, and there’s no better way to serve that drink than from a sleek and stylish decanter. For our money, there are few better options than the Tom Dixon Tank Decanter Set available now at East Dane. With a smoky finish at the bottom because of the fusion of clear and solid black glass, the 32 oz. decanter with ball stopper will work with any decor while also standing out. The exclusive gift set also includes two lowball glasses. Cheers!


Hopsy SUB Club

[Partner]  The SUB is a revolutionary home draft system that allows you to enjoy craft beers on tap at home—think Keurig for craft beer. Hopsy partners with some of the best craft breweries around to deliver fresh beer to your door in 67oz TORPs (lightweight, recyclabe mini kegs). Load your mini keg filled with a name brand porter, golden ale, pilsner, IPA or any other beer you love into the SUB and start the evening properly. Enjoying great craft beer at home has never been this convenient or easy.


Norlan Whiskey Glass Black Edition

When the Norlan Whiskey Glass was first introduced, we fell in love with its clever design that elevated the whiskey appreciation process, as the unique build funneled the aroma right to your nose after aerating the booze. Now the Norlan Whiskey Glass is back in a sleek, more ninja-like motif. If anyone on your list appreciates a few fingers of the good stuff, this is the glass they should be using to consume it.


3-Ingredient Cocktails (Robert Simonson)

The idea of whipping up cocktails that include dry ice, egg whites, and other ingredients found behind a mixologist’s bar is a little ridiculous. You want a drink to relax after a long day, and making something that elaborate is only going to make your day more stressful. Enter <i>3-Ingredient Cocktails</i>, a collection of recipes for super simple, super delicious drinks.


OXO Press & Pour Shaker

A good cocktail shaker is a necessity for the mixed drink fan, but the classic model could use a little updating. That’s just what OXO did here. You don’t need to hold down a loose-fitting cap while you shake your ingredients; simply push down the button when it’s time to pour your libation.


IceMule The Boss Cooler Backpack

The classic cooler is bulky and cumbersome. Instead of toting one everywhere you want a drink while it bounces off your knee and shin, get The Boss, a cooler backpack from IceMule. The 30-liter backpack is waterproof, built for superior ice retention, and easy to load. Fill it with beers for a camping trip, fishing trip, or even just a tailgate. You’ll never have to lug a cooler around again.


Pry.Me Bottle Opener

This pint-sized bottle opener is far stronger than it appears. At just ¾” in length, you’d be forgiven for thinking it isn’t capable of opening anything. But the Pry.Me can hold 164,000 times its own weight. That means it isn’t a nuisance to carry around and it will make quick work of all the brewskis.


Izola Army Green Flask

Most flasks look like they were best man gifts from your buddy’s wedding, with a polished silver buildand your initials engraved across the middle. For something a little more unique, consider this flask from Izola, which looks plucked from a barracks. The army green flask holds six ounces of the good stuff and remains small enough to slip into a pocket for incognito imbibing.


Yaket Ice

Any traveling beer lover knows that keeping IPAs cold is paramount. Unfortunately, it’s easier said than done. Yaket Ice is a clever ice pack specifically designed for six beers. It keeps those cans or bottles cold so you can enjoy them fresh whenever you crack them. If you know someone who hits beer releases fairly often, they’ll love this little gift.


Whiskey Ornaments

Those old candy canes and porcelain figures are about to get some boozy neighbors. These ornaments are filled with actual whiskey. The special blend of European whiskies can be consumed when the stress of the holidays gets to be a bit too much.