Cool Dads Watch TV in 3D [Sponsored]

Want to score instant bonus points with your kids and all their friends, in addition to your buddies? Hook up your living room with a new 3D TV and watch yourself become the coolest dad around!

The latest technology is designed for modern movie watcher, right down to the glasses. They’re lightweight, unobtrusive, and affordable — which means you can buy a pair for all your Super Bowl buddies without charging admission. Plus you can convert anything in 2d to 3d with the single push of a button on your remote. Just make sure you bust out your best robot voice when you push it– “Initiating conversion sequence now.

Like Dorothy said in “The Wizard of Oz” (speaking of which, those flying monkeys would be wicked scary in 3D), there’s no place like home. And since you can’t bring beer, wings, or man’s best friend to the movie theater, home is quite possibly the best place to take in the latest games and flicks. Not to mention you can keep a better eye on your daughter and her boyfriend when they’re on your own couch!

Why not complete your man cave — even if it is the one everyone in the family uses — with the LG Cinema 3D TV? It has the total-immersion brilliance of the Full HD 3D picture quality, 2D to 3D conversion, and the virtually frameless Cinema Screen design that really takes the cake (or shall we say, popcorn?). Head to the LG website or Facebook page to learn more about this hot tech used by cool dads everywhere.

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  • MaxwellDaring

    No. 3D T.V.s are not cool. I know you need the money and all, but 3D televisions are a gimmick. Real men know that. Hell, any sane person knows that.